The SPECTRE Teaser Poster Is Here

By bill - March 18, 2015

spectre-one-sheetThat’s  fine looking Tactleneck, Mr. Bond.

The Daniel Craig Era has brought a lot of good to the world of James Bond, and one of the things I have really dug has been the series of very cool teaser posters for each movie.  From the dangerous and moody closeup of 007 that hinted at the dark tone of Casino Royale, to the stylized silhouette of Quantum of Solace, to the twist on the Walther PPK gun barrel that first ushered in Skyfall.


Now, we’ve got the teaser poster for SPECTRE, which… doesn’t really follow suit.  It’s not bad– I very much like the stealth mode Bond in his black turtleneck (tactleneck, as Sterling Archer would say?).  But the plain-ness of this image makes it look more like a character bio photo or a magazine shot, as opposed to a legit teaser poster.

This obviously does very little to discourage me about SPECTRE, which is most definitely very high on my “must watch” list this year, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little sad to see the end of Daniel Craig’s run as the most perfect teaser poster model Bond ever.

cauisw8waaa-o9o__spanSource: Badass Digest

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