Need For Speed Trailer Promises Serious Explosions & Serious Melodrama

By bill - September 26, 2013

need for speed featJust so you know, this is a SERIOUS car racing action movie.

For all of us that are bummed to see Jesse Pinkman for the last time this Sunday when Breaking Bad comes to a close, we can take solace that Aaron Paul will be back soon in the upcoming Need For Speed movie.  Apparently the filmmakers– or at least the ones who made this trailer– want you to know their movie will feature the same heavy, gravitas-fueled Paul we’ve known and loved as Mr. Pinkman slowly spiraled ever downward over the last two seasons on AMC’s hit series.

The Need For Speed trailer definitely has an overly self serious vibe– to the point of absurdity at times– but it also has some pretty neat looking explosions and car crashes.  Because it’s Aaron Paul delivering these overly melodramatic lines, I call both of those elements a win.

I feel that the Fast and Furious series has kind of cornered the market on silly, fun loving car-based action movies, so I’m at least glad to see Need For Speed will try a different approach.  Whether it works (as camp or legitimately works)… I think we’ll need to see more than this first trailer.

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