The Speedwagon Vs. The Lowrider

By kastor417 - February 10, 2017

The big bad and the Bat both have amazing vehicles that live up to the hype of the movie. 

There are many Batmobiles in history, but this might go down as one of the coolest LEGO Batmoibles ever. What sets this build apart from the past cars is the versatility of the parts. This is not just a car, but it can transform into a fact sleek car, a off road truck, a hover car, and much much more. The ability to change forms with out rebuilding anything is do to the wheel sections of the car. They allow the wheels to moves in all directions making this a car for all occasions. What also sets this one apart from the others is the second seat, which allows Batman and Robin to ride side by side, something the Batmobiles rarely do. It also features a pop off canopy, some cannons, and some fun fins on the backend.

Not to be out done is the Joker and Harley in the Lowrider. This is just a fun build with great colors and details. The car gets a lot of screen time, so it is great to see it come to life so accurately. The care is also a two seater with a tape deck and turntable, which doubles as the trigger for truck missiles. The gold sections on the car stand out in the sea of purple and green, but match the look of this skater/ska band Joker. The Lowrider can also move its wheels, because of a technic like frame and some elastics. It allows you to bounce the car, as well as creating some fun wheel positions.

While the builds are great the minifigures are lacking. The Lowrider gives collectors the only jacket-less Joker and skater Harley, but the heroes are just the standard Robin and Batgirl. It would have been great to see other versions of these two to set them apart form the other sets. The Speedwagon has again another Batman and Robin, along with Man-Bat (not updated), and the Kabuki Twins, henchmen for the Penguin. The decision to not update Man-Bat was the biggest disappointment, considering all the other villains got a fresh look, changing his color or giving him torn pants could have made this a better minifigure.

These were the first two sets released, and are worth adding to the collection for the vehicles alone.

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