Force Friday: Sphero’s BB-8 Droid Is Just So Cool

By bill - September 4, 2015

sphero-bb8-featOur collective favorite new droid has a date with destiny. And my cats.

There’s a lot of really cool products that have rolled out for Force Friday, but the coolest might be Sphero’s BB-8.  This little guy is, in essence, a remote controlled toy, but the remote in this case is an app you can use on a smartphone or mobile device.  Just sync your phone to the droid and you can use the various commands and controls in the app to steer BB wherever you want.  It’s really, really cool!

Some of the features are a little meh, in my opinion (the hologram projector just generates a picture in the app on your screen), but the motion here is incredible, and seems to replicate BB’s movement in the movie perfectly.  You can watch it all in the demo video released yesterday.  Paul F. Tompkins said he was particularly charmed by BB-8’s cautious disapproval of a bowl of oranges, and I’m inclined to agree.

Sphero’s BB-8 is one of the higher ticket items available now.  It will set you back about $150.  He’s just so cool, though.  There’s no way I’m not going to get this little guy.  Click Here to pick him up, if you’re gonna make the jump today.

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