Spider-man Far From Home Wave Brings The Legends

By kastor417 - July 11, 2019

The Far From Home wave of Spider-man Legends is full of Movie and Comic figures, and we have a full review thanks to Hasbro sending over a set!

The Good

As far as heroes in this wave it is just Spider-Woman. This version of the Julia Carpenter Spider-woman has seen a figure or two over the years, and while she uses the same base body as many of the other females, the paint line and hair work are flawless. In fact this is one time that the hair does not impede movement of the figure.

The Bad

Spider-man’s villains are some of the best in comics, and this wave helps to fill out some of those ranks. While Hydro-man and Scorpion have only been hinted at in the films, it is nice to have updated figures in comic form. The one draw back with Hydro-man is the same we have with Sandman, the lack of normal limbs. The water effects on his arms are well done, but they can not be removed. so you end up with a figure that is rather top heavy, and has very limited articulation. Scorpion also as some balance issues, but all the pictures show with some work he can stand unaided. I like the updated figure, but wish he did not have a full mask, so I might have to do some custom painting to fix the look. The final villain is the Spider-man Doppelganger, who reuses pars from the 6-armed Spider-man from the last wave. It is nice to see another use for the body, and honesty this pulls off the Spider costume much better than the previous figure.

The Movie

We can’t have a movie wave without movie figures, and we have some hits and misses. Both versions of Spider-man are great translations of movie costumes to action figures, little is left to nit pick other than wanting an unmasked head. Honestly that is also my only issue with Mysterio, another Spider-man villain without an unmasked head, and considering how much time Beck is out of the fishbowl i would have expected it. The only dud is the BAF for the wave. I get that they wanted something from the film, but Molten-man is too small based on his movie look and so nondescript. I wish they had done a BAF Happy for the final figure. I think everyone would have cheered for one the founders of the MCU finally getting a figure. I mean if Louis gets a figure, Happy has to have one sooner rather than later.

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Thanks again to Hasbro for sending this over for review. 

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