The New Spider-Man Makes His Legends Debut

By bill - December 7, 2016

ML-Civil-War-3-PkMarvel Studios’ Spider-Man joins the Marvel Legends collection thanks to a new Civil War three-pack.

There was a lot to love about Captain America: Civil War, but one of the highlights of the film was the introduction of Tom Holland as Spider-Man, and Hasbro has capitalized on the debut of this teen super hero in a new three-pack that includes Holland’s Spidey, as well as new variants of Steve Rogers and Tony Stark.

Spider-Man steals the show in Civil War, despite his screen time amounting to, in essence, an extended cameo, but it seems perfectly appropriate to feature our new web slinger in Hasbro’s 6″ Marvel Legends line.  Instead of a single release, Spidey makes his debut in a box set along with new, battle damaged versions of Captain America and Iron-Man.

ML Civil War 3-Pack 010

The new Spider-Man figure features an all new sculpt, and while he’s not perfectly screen accurate (it looks as if Hasbro was working off some early concept art that changed prior to filming), there’s a lot to love about this figure, all the same.  Spidey shares a prefect scale alongside his fellow heroes, standing only up to Stark’s shoulders, and slightly higher next to Cap.  There’s a lot of detail in this figure’s sculpt, from the etched webbing and eyes, to the subtle piping and mechanics built into Spidey’s web shooters and utility belt.  And this guy is VERY well articulated, sporting nice lateral joints at the shoulders and hips with a great range of motion, along with double jointed elbows and knees which allow the figure to strike a great number of action poses.

As I said earlier, this Spidey is not completely movie accurate… his colors are too dark, the spider emblem on his chest is off model, and his shoulders are not pronounced enough to match Tom Holland’s physique.  I’m sure we will see a more screen authentic Spidey from Hasbro sooner than later, especially with his next solo movie hitting theaters in 2017.  But in the meantime, this Civil War Spidey figure does justice to the character as he appeared in Cap’s latest solo adventure.

ML Civil War 3-Pack 024

Spider-Man is packed with battle damaged variants of Cap and Iron-Man in his Mark 46 armor.  Both figures share sculpts with their single-packed releases, but the new paint work is striking, particularly on Iron-Man.  Tony’s armor is adorned with burns and scratches revealing the unpainted silver metal, and the realism of these paint apps really make it look like the Avengers has been through the wringer.  Due to the dark colors of his costume, the damage on Cap’s uniform is more subtle but equally well applied… though it’s his battle damaged shield that really makes this figure stand apart from his more mint condition counterpart.

Both Steve and Tony also include alternate, unmasked heads– most notably an all new Robert Downey Jr portrait for Iron-Man– and the armored Avenger also includes removable energy blasts which can plug onto his hands or feet.

ML Civil War 3-Pack 015

I’m definitely impressed by all three of these new Marvel movie figures.  Despite his subtle lack of screen accuracy, I really like the new Spider-Man, who fits in seamlessly among the rest of the long-running 6″ MCU collection.  The new unmasked head for Tony makes this Iron-Man a must-own, and the new paint apps on him and Cap give each figure among this trio a distinct and relevant look and feel.

The Civil War three pack was released exclusively at Entertainment Earth first, but it’s making its way to other retailers now.  Click Here to order your set now at EE!

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