Spider-man:Homecoming Marvel Legends- The Movie Figures

By kastor417 - June 29, 2017

The new Spider-man: Homecoming Legends capture the look and the feel of the movie, while expanding the MCU roster in Legends. 

Out of the new wave there are 3 movie based figures; Spider-man (Stark Suit), Spider-man (homemade suit), and the Vulture. The movie trio in this wave are some of the best examples of how much Marvel Legends has grown over the past few years. The Age of Ultron Avengers were great at the time, but now looking back they don’t have great articulation and the paint is over glossy. These new Spider-man: Homecoming figures are not only well sculpted, but have clean paint and a great amount of articulation. We first saw MCU Spider-man in the Civil War 3-pack, and while it was a good figure there was something lacking, thank fully this new version is just what Spider-man fans need to make up their MCU Avengers team.

In the film Peter has two looks, his Stark suit and his original homemade suit, both capture the movie designs perfect. The Stark suit stands out with crisp clean colors, and has a surprising amount of circuitry details for retail figure. The costume captures the texture and the sleek look of the suit from the film, while incorporating a lot of articulation. The figure comes with pop out web-wings, and though they don’t stay in place too well, they were a nice touch. The attachment points, under the biceps, are well hidden and don’t impact the overall look of the figure. There is also an extra head, which allows collectors to mimic the different expressions the suit has in the film. Finally the figure like all the other Spider-men have interchangeable hands to give some web shooting action pose to the figure.

The homemade suit is definitely a nod to the Scarlet Spider suit in the comics, but also is just as well done as the Stark suit. The figure sculpting keeps the articulation but also keeps the baggy sweat suit look of the costume. This figure can have the hood up, which looks a little weird, or down. He also has multiple hands to give collectors options for some action shots. The best part of this figure is like in the film this looks like something a kid would make. It captures the feel of this new MCU Spider-man in some ways better than any of the other figures to date.

The final movie figure is the main bad guy, the Vulture. Not only is he the final figure, but his wings are the Build-a-figure feature of the wave. I was on the fence about not getting another figure with the wave, but the wings are massive and have a good range of motion. The team at Hasbro put just as much sculpting work into the wings as any figure, and certainly change my mind about having the wings as the BAF for the wave. The Vulture figure is also spot on compared to the movie design. Some might not that the fur on the bomber jacket is a little tame compared to the film, but because of the scale of Marvel Legends, trying to go bolder with that section would only hurt the overall look of the figure. The helmet is also one of the best parts in the whole wave, it has detail and depth, making it look like there is a head under that mask. unfortunately there is one issue with the figure, there is no Keaton head. The size of the wings also eliminated the possibility of another Vulture coming later with an unmasked head, like the Spider-man Iron Man Target 2 pack.

I usually try to stick to the comic figures, but this wave changed my mind, if the upcoming Thor Ragnarok figures are as good as these I will need the whole wave!

Thanks again to Hasbro for this set to review.

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