Spin Master Could You Make Us A Few More Batmans?

By kastor417 - January 21, 2020

So with the launch of the new DC line from Spin Master there was no shortage of the Batman, with at least 7 versions on shelves.

So I hear Spin Master will be making Batman figures in 2020…. and they let us know by putting a lot of them for the launch of the line. There are at least 7, There could be 9 I have not been able to buy the Target one yet, and have not seen the Walmart one in CT.

But I kid, I think there has been a lack of DC figures in the scale for the last few years, and kids needed something between Imginext and Multiverse. For at least the last two years that has been the Missions line from Mattel, but this new line from Spin Master gives kids something none one has done in a while, palm sized figures. Kids can fit these in their pockets and take them anywhere.

Over the next week we will dive into the line, and the DC Heroes line, to show you all there is to offer.

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