It’s a Split Decision On New Adventures Two Face

By bill - December 18, 2014

BTAS-Two-Face-featDC Collectibles’ animated style Two Face looks great, but Big Bad Harv doesn’t quite measure up.

What is the biggest appeal of DC Collectibles’ Batman animated toy collection?  Is it the Bruce Timm design aesthetic, captured in plastic?  Or is it having highly detailed and fully articulated toys in this format?  Since we’ve already seen so many statues and other non-poseable collectibles in Bruce Timm’s style, I personally lean more to the latter when I think of this toy line’s true appeal.  And in that respect, Two Face isn’t quite all that he can be.

Harvey Dent’s villainous persona is far and away the least-articulated figure we’ve seen in this young series.  While he gets some nice joints– a good ball jointed neck, ball shoulders and double hinged hips among them– he also suffers from some limitations which his fellow toys do not.  Two Face lacks ankle articulation, for one.  This, I’m not too disappointed about, because while it is nice to have, I’d rather see DC Collectibles go without until they can get the looseness issues that Catwoman and Batman suffer from under control.  The more disappointing lack in Two Face’s articulation scheme is the hinge in his wrists, something this figure in particular could have benefited from.

Due to his broad shoulders and the oddly limited range of his elbows, Harvey really can’t do much with his upper body, despite including some awesome accessories like a pistol, tommy gun and an alternate hand holding his infamous coin.  The figure comes just shy of being able to organically display his coin, and can’t quite hold his machine gun with both hands… I think hinges in the wrists, like the other figures feature, would give just enough extra range that these problems could have been solved.  The only good tradeoff?  The single-piece hands are much sturdier, so I felt no danger of breakage as I swapped them out in Two Face’s arms.

In addition to the articulation limits, Two Face also doesn’t quite measure up, literally.  I’m not the biggest scale Nazi when it comes to toys, but from what I recall of my animated Batman series, Harvey and Bruce Wayne were the same height, with essentially the same build.  Yet the Two Face figure is considerably shorter, and overall smaller than Batman, which– combined with  the different articulation– makes this figure feel like an outsider in this collection.

That being said, there’s still a lot to love about our horribly disfigured former DA.  The Gentle Giant sculpt is gorgeous, perfectly capturing the slightly streamlined New Adventures look of the character.  I always loved the stark, black and white design Timm chose for the villain, and I’m very happy that not only has DC Collectibles applied that sleek, striking divide with very clean paint apps, but they opted to use a true, optic white instead of a cool grey, which has plagued many toys in the past.

Even though he feels a little stiff, Two face still looks great holding his weapons, or his other gear, including a satchel with two cannisters, and a wearable gas mask.  It’s a nice spread of accessories, and between these, the alternate hands and the display stand, the figure still feels worth the $25 price tag, despite the figure’s shortcomings.

There was never a chance I was not going to buy Two Face– he’s always been one of my favorite Bat villains, and his portrayal in the animated series was one for the ages.  And while I’m disappointed in some aspects of this character’s new action figure, I find the overall sense of style and cool factor are enough to sway me toward liking him anyway.  I still maintain that the fully articulated, playable aspect of these figures is their biggest appeal… but when it comes to Two Face, I’m willing to make an exception.

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