Star Trek Kre-O Beams Down A Cool Transporter Room Set

By bill - April 29, 2013

trek kreo transporter featTransporter Room Trouble sees the iconic room of the Enterprise– and equally iconic Engineer Scotty– join the Star Trek Kre-O universe.

I always loved the Transporter Room in pretty much any iteration of Star Trek, and Scotty has always been my favorite crew member, so of all the Trek Kre-Os, this was the set I was most looking forward to.  Fortunately, the low-piece, low-cost set does not disappoint.

trek kreo transporter 2What we get here is very basic (although not as much as the Deep Space set)… the Transporter itself, with a light-up action feature, and Kreons of Scotty and a Klingon.  The playset is very easy to put together, and the instructions are much more clear than some other Kre-O sets.  My default litmus test for difficulty on building these sets out is “can I do this when I wake up, before I have my coffee?” and I was able to bang this one out in about 20 minutes, with no interruptions or do-overs.

I like the look of this set, and the deep red, white and grey blocks fit the Enterprise aesthetic of this entire collection nicely.  The action feature of this set not only lights up the base but also spins the center disc to replicate the transporter’s ability– on one side, decals match the look of the transporter room itself, while on the other, decals look like an alien planet, with enough peg space to display an alien or two waiting to meet your transported subject.

trek kreo transporter 5Both Kreons are equally cool.  This set is the only way to get Mr. Scott, and the harried look on his face works perfectly for the character.  Like all the Starfleet guys, he comes packing a phaser, which he can hold or carry plugged on his leg.  The Klingon is a generic trooper, with the same menacing helmet, grey and black uniform and battle blade as the blind bag version, but without the trench coat accessory. I like these guys, and think it’s great that getting the whole Trek Kre-O series with no doubles will build a squad of four Klingons right off the bat, although it’s a bummer that his helmet is molded in place, as opposed to a separate piece.

Overall, the Transporter Room is one of the best sets in the Trek series so far.  It’s one of the most iconic locations on the Enterprise, and packs a decent size and number of parts to feel very worth the price tag.  The great Kreons and fun action feature only enhance the quality of this set, and if I only displayed one piece from the Star Trek toy line, this would probably be the one.

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