Star Trek Kre-O Enterprise Is Lots Of Fun

By bill - May 20, 2013

kreo-enterprise-featThe deluxe scale Enterprise is the coolest set in the Star Trek Kre-O collection.

One thing I learned by checking out Hasbro’s Star Trek Kre-Os is what a perfect license Trek is for building block sets.  From the angular designs, to the different sized ships and planets… the Star Trek building sets look great and lend themselves perfectly to the Trek universe.

The USS Enterprise set, the centerpiece of the Into Darkness-inspired series, is not only the best Kre-O set I’ve seen, it’s an essential addition to any Trek collection.  The Enterprise set is one of the more ambitious and parts-heavy sets Hasbro has released– Clocking in at over 430 pieces, and with a “Light Tech” feature that lights up the warp nacelles and hull of the ship in a crisp blue light, the Enterprise is an impressive display once it’s assembled.

And assembly was surprisingly easy!  I’ve seen a few larger Kre-O sets where the instructions get too muddled and confusing, or special made parts don’t align like they should.  There’s none of that going on here– the rather large instruction booklet is very easy to follow, and I pieces the whole thing together in a few hours.

Sometimes the building is half the fun with toys like this, but I just couldn’t wait to have the completed ship in front of me.  It’s quite impressive, measuring well over 12″ long with the cool light up feature and a sturdy top which can be removed to reveal the Bridge beneath it.  I was a bit surprised to find the top removes completely– I had assumed it would be on a hinge of some sort– but by being fully removable it gives you much better access to the Bridge underneath.  The Bridge itself is fully detailed, able to fit pretty much the entire main crew, which is good because I doubt I’m along in wanting to display it that way.

We get a few crew members with this set– Kirk and Spock in their Starfleet uniforms, as well as Bones and two generic henchmen from Into Darkness.   It’s kind of a bummer they scattered the core crew across so many sets– you basically need to buy everything to have the Enterprise crew (and Chekov is still absent either way).  I mean, most of the sets are cool, so I guess it’s a fair value, but I’d love to see it become easier to assemble the full crew to decorate a playset this nice.

The USS Enterprise is definitely one of the most involved and ambitious sets we’ve seen from Hasbro’s Kre-O collection, and it pays off in a big way.  If I had only collected one Star Trek Kre-O set– hell, if I had only collected one Kre-O set PERIOD– it would be this one.  The second wave of blind bagged figures will open up the Trek Kre-O universe well past the confines of the latest movie, and if new building sets follow that same trend while maintaining this great level of quality and cool– I’ll be following the Star Trek Kre-O line for a long time.

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