EA Expands Star Wars Battlefront To The Death Star

By hopkins - August 23, 2016



Star Wars Battlefront is expanding soon! EA Games is taking the fight to the Death Star this fall with some new chracters and settings.

Lets start first with PS4 and its VR product being released this fall. EA is preparing to jump into the future of gaming this holiday with a new way to explore the Star Wars universe in a spectacular X-wing VR gaming experience. Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One: X-wing VR Mission is an extension of the base game, and will be available for free to all owners of Star Wars Battlefront and a PlayStation VR headset on PlayStation 4.


Also Announced is the next expansion in the series for Star Wars Battle front. Death Star.  Battlefront delves back into the space battle again. The new mode announces is called Battle Station.In Phase 1 you’ll be flying X-wings and A-wings against TIE fighters and TIE interceptors in space! The main objective in this phase is for Rebels to destroy enough TIE fighters until their Y-wing support can come in to weaken the Star Destroyer’s defenses. Once vulnerable, Rebel starfighters can attack the weak spots in an effort to bring the Star Destroyer down. In an effort to help defend this key asset for the Empire, players along with AI ships will be set up to help defend the Star Destroyer. Phase 2 will have players fighting inside this iconic space station among areas inspired by the classic trilogy.  Rebel infantry will be tasked with extracting a priority droid from within the Death Star.

Finally players head back into space where the Rebels need to end the battle once and for all – by blowing up the Death Star! Players can become the hero of the Rebellion, Luke Skywalker, in his Red-5 X-wing as they attempt to destroy the Empire’s ultimate weapon. But beware as Darth Vader has been dispatched to protect the Empire’s asset in his TIE Advanced. Heroes Included this go round are the highly fan anticipated  Chewbacca, and Bounty Hunter Bossk. Also Included will be new star cards and blasters as well. Death Star Expansion will be available in September, Rogue One will be around the holidays.

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