Star Wars: The Black Series | Han Solo (The Force Awakens)

By bill - January 19, 2016

SW-Black-TFA-Han-SoloHasbro’s latest Star Wars Black Series release brings the galaxy’s greatest Rebel/ Smuggler/ deadbeat dad to the collection.

Han Solo had a significant role in The Force Awakens, and Hasbro has finally released the last of our core cast of heroes in the Black Series.  The elder Solo is an all new sculpt that not only stands as one of the best figures in Hasbro’s 6″ toy line, but promises to be one of the most popular as well.

Solo’s appearance in the latest Star Wars movie isn’t far off from his iconic Original Trilogy style– aside from his new jacket and thirty years’ worth of mileage added to his face– and this new figure captures this look perfectly.  The Harrison Ford portrait is fantastic, the best likeness we’ve seen on a mass release action figure to date.  His costume is most definitely screen accurate, with a nice weathering effect on his jacket and a shiny finish on his tall leather boots.  And of course, Han is still packing his blaster, complete with working holster on that familiar belt with the sextagonal buckle. Not unlike the Stormtroopers, Han’s new outfit was at risk of coming off as boring– it’s essentially an all brown wardrobe– but the various colored plastics and tones of paint make the figure feel both eye catching and realistic.

Adding to the great sculpt is the excellent articulation pattern we’ve come to expect from the Black Series.  There were some design choices on Han that had me worried, such as the high-inset hip joints which I originally felt would make the figure too bulky through the midsection, but on the final product it all works perfectly.  Those high hips allow for a great range of motion in the upper legs, despite Han’s holster being glued to the strap on his leg, and the rocker ankles keep the figure stable and quite well balanced in any number of poses.

I’m not sure how common this is, but my Han happens to have fairly loose hip and knee joints, which kind of wobble depending on the angle you pose them at.  It’s by no means bad enough to impede the range of motion on the figure, though, as he can strike just as many cool action poses as his younger Black Series counterpart.

The one problem with the figure that is universal is the hair color, which is totally wrong.  I think Hasbro’s design team was trying to be respectful by giving the older Solo a faded brown hair color, but in the film, Harrison Ford is pretty much totally grey.  Hasbro’s attempt wound up looking more light red than greying brown, which was nowhere near as screen accurate as the rest of the figure’s excellent paint work.

The good news is, this is one of those production problems that virtually anyone can correct.  Repainting my Han’s hair took less than five minutes, and all I needed was a paint brush and a bottle of 99 cent Folk Art acrylic paint I bought from Wal-Mart.  I did just a single coat of paint, dry brushed on the head, so slight bits of light brown still poke through the correctly grey hair.

The Force Awakens established Han Solo once again as a cornerstone of the Star Wars mythology.  I’m very glad that Hasbro brought their a-game when it came to capturing this multi-generational hero in plastic.  The Force Awakens Han Solo should appeal to virtually everyone, so if you see him on the shelf, pick him up while you can.

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