Dark Horse Continues Classic Star Wars Characters in Issue 9

By hopkins - September 18, 2013

Star Wars 9Dark Horse continues to bring new stories to classic characters. Han and Leia may have not had much going on since the 80’s but this week we catch up with the famous couple and their issues with the Empire. 

In this issue we follow Leia as she returns to what is left of her home world, Alderaan. Only to find a freight ship gathering starwarsitems from the rubble of her former home. Meanwhile Chewwie and Han are trying to avoid being captured by bounty hunters looking for that payday Jabba the Hutt. Luke and Wedge find themselves aboard an Imperial Starship heading right for a trap. Meanwhile Vader orders the capture of Skywalker as he oversees the building process of another base.

The story is well written keeping the reader’s interest throughout the book. Several stories in one book all flow together, during an exciting time in the Star Wars Universe. Even though the characters’ future is known by all the stories are still full of excitement.

If your into Star Wars this series is a must have for your collection. Dark Horse continues to bring life to Star Wars

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