And I Still Haven’t Seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens Yet

By staff-writers - January 15, 2016

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Yeah, I know! Even I can’t believe I haven’t seen it yet!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens “officially” opened on December 18th, and I still haven’t seen it!  This isn’t some big statement against the film, though.
I grew up on Star Wars. I still remember my dad taking me to see it. Telling me it was some type of movie with robots in it or something. Personally, I was transformed when I saw it on the big screen. I was the first out of all my friends who saw it if you can believe that. I bought all the toys and dressed up like Luke Skywalker for Halloween.
Star Wars also left a lasting impression with me when it came to film. Watching all the behind scene specials, I end up thinking: “That’s what I want to do when I grow up!”
But as I got older, my geekiness ended up leaning more towards superhero comics and less toward Star Wars. The original Star Wars trilogy still has a special place in my heart. And when George Lucas’ changed the famous Han Solo/Greedo shootout (if you want to call it that), I cursed George’s name for ruining what I grew up with. And don’t even get started on the prequel films.
But as usual, I digress.
When I heard Disney was making a new Star Wars film, I was curious. When I heard J.J. Abrams was directing it, I thought it was a great choice! I know I’m part of the minority here, but I loved his version of Star Trek. Then again, I was never a huge fan of the original show.
The teaser trailer hit. I was hooked. And then the full trailer….Man!  I had to see it! But,  in the end, I still didn’t get around to it. So the big question is why?
Well, I have three reasons why haven’t seen the film:
  1. MEDIA OVERSATURATION – I handle all the press for this site. That means I’m the main point of contact for all the companies that are trying to sell their product. Otherwise known as press releases. Every day, my inbox is flooded with emails from companies that want us to promote their products. There’s nothing wrong with that, per se. That’s just business. But, I have to sort through all these emails and decide what is or isn’t for our target audience, and which is a priority. I also have to pull all the images out of the emails and format them for the site. It can be a time-consuming process, and sometimes redundant. As the movie release date approached, every PR email I was receiving I was Star Wars related. I get it! Star Wars is a hot property so who doesn’t want some of that Star Wars money. But to me, it was an overload. When I got a PR email on Star Wars related dog toys, that was it for me. Done! Most of the desire to see the film just went out the window.
  2. EVERYONE’S SEEN IT – I don’t have a lot of friends who live close by. And those few I have, went to see it with their families. That’s understandable. But that just kind of leaves me screwed. I’m really not the type of guy that’s comfortable seeing a movie by himself. I know that’s weird, but I like seeing films with other people. It gives me something to talk about when it’s over. I like discussing movies with friends. If I go alone, I either have no one to talk to, or I can discuss it with myself, but that’ll make me look even weirder than I already am.
  3. MY SON – This is probably the real reason why I haven’t seen Star Wars, let alone a lot of movies in the theaters for a long time. He’s 3, and while I have introduced him to some Star Wars related stuff, it’s mostly the LEGO animated series. That’s his speed. In fact, he just saw his first film in the movie theaters on Christmas Day. I tried to have him watch Star Wars already, he even made it right up to the start of the Cantina scene.  After that? He ran off to do something else. He’s 3. He’s got the attention span of a gnat. Besides, I’d rather go home to him after a day of work and play with him, then watch a movie. Fatherhood, what can I tell you? Maybe when he’s 4, I’ll try Star Wars with him again.

So, as you can see, the only real reason I haven’t seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens is…life. Life just got in the way.

Am I bummed I’m not seeing it? Honestly, no. Again, nothing against the film, but I already know everything about it. I’m the type of person that doesn’t mind spoilers because it’s still new to me when I see it with my eyes. Besides, I already read the entire rundown on The Movie Spoiler website.

So, don’t you worry about me. I’ll catch it when it comes home on Blu-Ray.


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