STAR WARS The Force Darkens: A “Gritty” Kids Parody + FACTS

By staff-writers - May 4, 2015

little star warsJust in time for today’s Star Wars holiday, “May the Fourth Be with You,” DreamWorksTV has released two awesome videos that every Star Wars fan will want to check out!

A playful take on the latest Star Wars Episode VII trailer, sit back and enjoy this hilarious all-kid parody only on DreamWorksTV. As the saga continues, you’ll learn the story of how one not so normal elementary school was filled with the force in our exclusive Star Wars parody video:

Are you ready to now test your Master Jedi trivia skills? Young Padawans, listen closely because Tessa Netting from DreamWorksTV has a thing or two left to teach you.

Uncover Yoda’s original design and the origins of Han Solo’s charm and good looks from the Master of the Mob herself.

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