Star Wars The Last Jedi: Exile Luke, Island Journey Rey, DJ Review

By bill - October 23, 2017

Hasbro’s The Last Jedi collection expands with new versions of Luke Skywalker and Rey, and the debut of the mysterious and shadowy DJ.

We’re inching ever closer to the theatrical debut of The Last Jedi this December, and Hasbro’s 3.75″ toy line is already filling in nicely. After making its debut on Force Friday, the line diverted briefly into some classic characters like Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda, but now we’re back squarely in Episode VIII territory with the latest assortment. That assortment includes Island Journey Rey, Jedi Exile Luke, Benicio Del Toro’s new character DJ, and General Leia Organa.

Leia, unfortunately, sold out before I could get her, but I can attest the other three all new figures are fantastic. Unlike the first modern Luke in his pale Jedi robes, this version features his more medieval looking garb. He’s still decked out in earth tones, typical for Jedi attire, but this outfit is definitely more unique than his previous look.

Luke sports another great portrait of bearded Mark Hamill, and a removable soft rubber hood, so you can display your figure with his hood on or off.  It would have been nice to see an alternate down hood piece included, to complete the un-hooded look of the figure, but ultimately he looks fine with either display option. Luke also covers up his robotic hand with a brown glove this time around, molded to hold his mysterious new weapon (more on that in a moment), and enhanced by swivel wrists I was not expecting.

Since I own The Force Awakens Resistance Rey, I was planning to skip this new variant, but I’m very glad I didn’t. The Island Journey version may feature a costume we’ve seen before in this toy line, but Rey’s sculpt is all new, and a vast improvement over the previous figure.  The new version includes a vastly more accurate portrait of Daisy Ridley, a separate rubber vest, a separate leg holster to allow for greater range in her leg movement, and swivel  elbows which let you shift the position of her hands.

That doesn’t even mention Rey’s new poncho, which she’s seen wearing throughout the movie’s trailers, presumably while traveling around Ahch-To. While the rubber is thin and remarkably pliable, at first sight it still seemed way too bulky… but having the figure in hand, it’s grown on me quite a bit. While some angles look awkward, Rey looks pretty striking in this new accessory overall.  And considering both it and her vest are removable, we actually get three distinct looks for our Force-powerful hero in one toy with this release! Rey also includes Luke’s lightsaber and the blaster she received from Han Solo… guess her experience as a scavenger is paying off when it comes to collecting weapons from the heroes of the OT.

The all new character we get in this wave is DJ, a man with shady motives who some of our heroes apparently encounter on Canto Bight. DJ’s figure sports a solid likeness of Benicio Del Toro (though the eyes are painted too big, throwing off the portrait), and a dark outfit composed of a long brown overcoat, a smart little cap, and a very Han Solo-esque belt.

DJ comes packing a silver blaster, a unique design that’s reminiscent of a Bounty Hunters’ weapon in my opinion. It looks like he was intended to include a second gun, as well, seeing as he features a working leg holster beneath his coat, which seems shaped for a different gun than the one he includes. From the unkempt wrinkles and gold collar accents of his coat, to the lettering etched into a badge on his hat, DJ is filled with tons of detail, despite the figure’s 3.75″ scale. Seeing a figure this well made has left me more eager than ever to find out what his deal is in the movie.

This great set of figures also continues Hasbro’s fun Force Link gimmick, which triggers dialogue and sound effects unique to each figure when they interact with the Force Link reader.  I messed around with each one for a bit to see what dialogue and other fun stuff they had to say… here’s what i got from them (highlight for potential spoilers):

DJ: He’s got two lines of dialogue, “Hey, I’m a thief” and the slightly troubling “For Hutts’ sake” as well as blaster fire and an explosion.

Rey: She’s also got two lines of dialogue including “You’re a monster” and “I’m Rey,” at least one of which is probably from a conversation she has with Luke. She also features a laborious scream, and lightsaber sounds including a swoosh, ignition, and a parry.

Luke: Here’s where it gets interesting. Luke gets three lines– “What do you know about The Force?,” “Reach out with your feelings,” and a troubled shout of “Noo!” The middle line is an intriguing counter point to the Snoke figure’s line about feelings making you weak. But even more intriguing? Luke’s sound effects all involve metal clashing sounds, including one that sounds like a sword being drawn. Perhaps that’s what’s inside his staff/ weapon/ whatever that thing is? A metal sword in lieu of a lightsaber would certainly go along with Luke’s medieval outfit.

This new wave of The Last Jedi action figures is just making its way to retail, and Hasbro Toy Shop got them first. The set also includes General Leia, as I mentioned previously, and an R2D2 whose thrusters make me assume he’s based on the prequels… but until The Last Jedi hits theaters, who knows what surprises Rian Johnson has in store for us? Click here to order your favorites from HTS, or be on the lookout for this wave of figures at retailers everywhere in the coming weeks.

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