Star Wars Rogue One: The Black Series One

By bill - September 30, 2016

sw-rogue-one-black-series-fLet’s look at Hasbro’s first Black Series releases based on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Happy Force Friday!  Today is the big day when Hasbro and the other toy companies associated with Star Wars drop their latest toy lines, mostly revolving around this December’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.  One of the most eagerly anticipated figures in this launch are the new batch of 6″ Black Series releases, which offer four figures from the upcoming film, alongside variants of Rey and Kylo Ren from last year’s The Force Awakens collection.

Since Rey is basically a straight repack with Luke’s blue lightsaber, and the unmasked Kylo Ren was previously released as a Comic-Con exclusive, I opted to pick up the four Rogue One figures in the lineup.  Those include the first version of our new hero Jyn Erso, in her Jedha outfit, Captain Cassian Andor in his Eadu gear, the Alan Tudyk-voiced droid K-2SO, and the Imperial Deathtrooper.  Each figure features a great all-new sculpt, and they make for worthy additions to Hasbro’s storied Black Series collection.

Jyn is exactly the same as the previously-released Comic-Con exclusive, only she’s now in standard Black Series packaging (you can read our in-depth review of the figure here).  Her Rebel counterparts Cassian Andor and K-2SO, however, are both totally fun all-new additions to the series.  By all accounts, this is not the “standard” look for Andor, as this version sports a Hoth-like winter jacket and removable hat which he’s not likely to wear in the lions share of the film.  But he looks really cool regardless, and this decision makes more sense since we know via Hasbro’s Star Wars site that a Rebel fatigues version of the Captain will be released at some point down the line.

SW Black Jyn Erso SDCC 001

The Eadu variant of Andor bears a striking resemblance to Han Solo’s Hot aesthetic, but the removable hat and functional holster on this guy help make him feel like a totally justifiable purchase.  Despite his bulky winter gear, Andor features a great range of motion, hitting all the standard Black Series points of articulation, and he bears a good resemblance to actor Diego Luna.  This figure might feature the best five o’clock shadow we’ve seen thus far from Hasbro’s Black Series.


K-2SO seems like the early fan favorite new character in the film, and the re-purposed Imperial droid is certainly a visually fun character already.  He features odd proportions, with extra-long arms and legs and a truncated torso, and Hasbro’s figure matches this design perfectly… as well as his considerable height, as the droid stands more than a head taller than most “human” Black Series figures.  K-2SO is packed with personality, and his Black Series figure features a great range of articulation to help convey that, especially in his double-jointed neck.  The figure also sports excellent paint apps, complete with a silver wash that adds some realistic weathering to his black and orange plating.


Finally, we come to the Deathtrooper, the new elite Imperial soldier set to make their debut in Rogue One.  He’s an awesome figure, standing taller and thinner than the average Stormtrooper– unnaturally so, which apparently plays into this character’s aesthetic in the film– and these new proportions and inverse pallet make him stand out among the Imperial forces, for sure.  The Deathtrooper’s armor is a bit more intricate than the standard Troopers, with extra lines on his armor plating and more texture on his undersuit, along with a very eye catching green accent on his helmet’s visor and breathers. The Deathtrooper sports a great range of motion along with two guns– a small blaster which fits in a belt loop on his side, and a blaster rifle which he can hold very well in one or both hands.


It seems like Hasbro is holding their hand, to some degree, in terms of the Rogue One Black Series lineup.  What we get here is a smaller lineup of new characters for this year’s Force Friday, despite the presumably larger cast of this movie compared to Force Awakens.  And yes, we’re getting additional Rogue One 6″ figures, like new villain Orson Krennic, the Eadu version of Jyn hitting K-Mart soon, and more… but despite not yet seeing the film (or even knowing much about it) the collector in me really hopes Hasbro can round out the Rogue One team before all is said and done.

Look for the first wave of Rogue One Black Series figures at retail now.

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