Star Wars Vintage Wave 7 Fills In Some Gaps

By bill - January 22, 2013

The final new wave of Star Wars Vintage figures fills in some gaps in across the Star Wars universe with an admirably diverse collection of Jedi, Rebels, Imperials and bounty hunters.

It’s been known for a while that Wave 7 of the Vintage Collection would bring forth the last new collector-oriented Star Wars figures before the line goes on hiatus until 2015.  While the closing wave won’t be hitting big box retail, it was still produced in smaller quantities and sold through specialty channels such as e-tailers and comic shops.

It makes sense that a set only sold in collector-friendly environments would focus more on demanded characters than any over arching “theme,” as the single movie-based retail waves have done.  The result is an eclectic mix of characters that serve to round out several sub-sets within the Vintage Collection, while also adding a few more updates to classic Kenner figures.  We get a new Emperor Guard, and an EU Clone Trooper as new troop builders, along with ten characters from all corners of Star Wars mythos.

While I’m slowly warming once again to that galaxy far, far away, I’m not ready to go jumping in for a full case, but when Amazon did a flash sale on about half of the set, I couldn’t resist the urge to jump on them.  I picked up four of the twelve new figures– Obi Wan in his Clone Wars outfit, Aurra Sing, Weequay the skiff guard, and Orrimaarko (AKA Prune Face).

All four of these figures are solid entries into the very good Vintage series, with highly detailed sculpts, on-point accuracy to their respective films and shows, good accessories and ample articulation.  Obi Wan, like the Anakin Skywalker released earlier this year, is a realistic rendition of his General armor from the Clone Wars cartoon, and it’s a cool look, combining his Jedi robes with Clone style white armor.  The Ewan McGregor likeness is spot on, with a grim and determined look that matches Kenobi’s prowess as a leader in this ongoing War.  The Jedi includes his lightsaber, as well as a deactivated version which can clip onto his belt.

Aurra Sing has always been a ridiculous character.  Appearing in literally one second of The Phantom Menace, there were implications, from both the internet at large AND LucasFilm, that she was a character who would have a major impact on the prequel saga.  That ended up not being the case, but she’s still a pretty cool looking alien, and this figure is a definite step up from previous iterations.  The new portrait is great, the articulation much improved, and Sing can still store her twin pistols on her belt, while slinging her rifle over he shoulder or carrying with either or both hands.  As an added bonus, the bounty hunter now includes a case which contains an array of lightsabers… presumably trophies from her hunts?  The only downside with Sing is her lack of ankle articulation.  It’s not the most famous point of articulation, but when it’s removed on a figure like her, the loss is definitely noticeable.

Weequay and Orrimaarko are both welcome updates, based on two of Return of the Jedi’s funkier alien designs.  The Weequay, our second Jabba henchman of this race, is in his classic outfit from the Hutt’s sand skiff, and he’s totally spot on to the movie costume, just waiting to be struck down by Luke and eaten by the Sarlaac.  Orrimaarko (who will always be Prune Face to me, really) is the one eyed alien Rebel seen before the Endor battle, and he remains one of the cooler good guy aliens.  Like the Weequay, Prune Face features a perfect likeness to his on screen appearance, from his wrinkly, eyepatched head to his hooded cloak, and he takes me right back to the classic figure I had as a kid.

The latest wave of Vintage Collection Star Wars figures is another strong entry, with good character selection and some fantastic sculpting and design on display.  I’m sad to see this great sub-series go away for the time being, but I feel glad that the quality and the coolness of the most recent Vintage figures has won me over– I’ll miss you, Star Wars… but I’ll be here waiting when you get back.

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