Here’s The Suicide Squad (Almost) Fully Assembled

By bill - April 9, 2015

See the considerable cast of the upcoming DC Comics super villain movie.

David Ayer recently held a read through for the upcoming Suicide Squad— the DC Comics movie to follow Batman vs. Superman and introduce The Joker, Deadshot and many more villains to the new DC cinematic universe– and the director shared a picture of most of his cast.

Jared Leto was apparently off Jared Leto-ing with his band, but the rest of the gang was all here.  And hey– most of them look really excited about it!  We don’t know a super ton about Suicide Squad, other than the fact that it will follow the comic book’s premise of offering redemption to some reprehensible bad guys if they pull off an impossible suicide run of a mission.  We also know who will be playing those bad guys, and the government agents handling them.

So while we wait the long wait for more info on this movie, let me randomly list the cast in the photo, in the order for which I am excited to see them involved in this movie.  It’s just as well Jared Leto was not a part of this photo, as I don’t have to harp on my lack of confidence in him as The Joker.

1. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

2. Ike Barinholtz

3. Viola Davis

4. Joel Kinnaman

5. Will Smith

6. Jai Courtney

7. Margot Robbie

Will my ranking change between now and August 2016?  Quite possibly, but we’ve gotta start somewhere.

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