Updated: Summer Movie Trailers Are Here

By kastor417 - February 5, 2017

There seem to be a lot of movie trailers popping up on youtube today for some reason…. Anyone know why? 

Guardians of the Galaxy is showing off the whole team assembled with new action and a killer song once again proving that this might be one of the most fun Marvel teams of all time. Still no look at Kurt Russel, but damn do they look good assembled.

Logan also got a new TV spot to the classic Amazing Grace, showing off more action. This might be one of the best Marvel films to date from the looks of the trailer and this month is going to seem long waiting for the last Wolverine story.

The famous Captain Jack Sparrow gets a quick appearance in the newest Pirates of the Caribbean Trailer, as well as the first look at Orlando Bloom returning as Will Turner.

ScarJo is looking stunning in her Ghost in the Shell costume, with an all now look at the famous cartoon being turned into live action this year.

And finally the one no one asked for and we pray will mark the end of Michael Bay screwing with our childhood, Transformers: The Last Knight. This one looks good until you realize that once again Bay is just throwing machines on the screen with no way to tell where one bot ends and another begins. This time he is pillaging the story of King Arthur mixed with the famous bots.

The Fate of the Furious is also on the way with another hero going bad. This time the team have to take down a rogue Dom, as their former big bad joins the team.

Finally Netflix showed off just a little tease of season 2 of Stranger Things coming this October, opening with a classic looking Eggo commercial.

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