Super7 Reveals Masters of the Universe ReAction Line

By bill - June 30, 2015

motu-reaction-featIt’s a Comic Con exclusive, so there’s gonna be some hoop-jumping.

Super7 and Funko’s ReAction line has done mock-vintage toys based on movies, TV shows and the like… but at Comic Con they will be releasing the Masters of the Universe ReAction figures, making this the first line of mock-vintage toys based solely on actual vintage toys.  We have come full circle, and that circle is an ouroboros which will devour us all.

motu_334_prototypes_promo_revI do really like that Super7 continues to play with the alternate history meta-story behind their ReAction releases (something Funko sort of shaved off their retail released figures).  So the MOTU set is being presented as a “lost” prototype, featuring solid color “prototype” editions of He-Man, Skeletor, Mer-Man and Beast Man in the classic Kenner styling.  They look pretty neat, each have their signature accessory and come packed in a white shipper style box, authentic to the action figure era Super7 draws from.

Here’s the rub– this set might be a pain to get your hands on.  It’s a SDCC exclusive that, technically, won’t be for sale on the Con floor.  Super7 is running an off-site pop-up store called Skeletor’s Lair (it will be at 701 8th Ave., San Diego, CA 92101, in case you were curious).  You’ll need to score one of these pretty baller Skeletor coins from the Super7 or Mattel booth in order to gain access to the pop-up shop:

motu_skeletoken_promoOnce you get in, you can purchase your ReAction MOTU set, among other He-Man related exclusives.  To me this sounds like a fun way to control consumer crowds on the Con floor and also gamify the laborious process of buying Con exclusives.  It also sounds like a lot of little steps to have to complete, just for the sake of buying something.  I’m very curious to see how this works.

If I were going to SDCC, I would totally go for it.  If any of you decide to check it out and want to send me your used Skeletoken, I’d totally be your best friend forever.

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