Super7’s Alien Egg Chamber Playset Is Amazing

By bill - April 14, 2015

ReAction-alien-egg-chamber-The first, ever ReAction playset could not be better.

Two years ago, Super7 launched their first ReAction figures, a labor of love which saw them replicate and realize one of the most talked-about canceled toy lines in history– Kenner’s Alien action figures.  The series made such a splash that Super7 wound up working with Funko and the ReAction line blew up into the nostalgia giant it is currently.  But Super7 is still finding new ways to play in the retro toy sandbox, and their latest project, an in-scale playset based on the Egg Chamber from Ridley Scott’s Alien, will most likely go down as the coolest retro toy of the year.

This playset perfectly replicates the style we saw in late 70s toy lines like Kenner’s Star Wars, with a molded plastic base (complete with foot pegs scattered throughout) and a heavy cardboard backdrop to add depth to the environment.  Here, the molded base is an all new sculpt, featuring the eggs that poor, dumb Kane discovers after his fateful trip beneath the Space Jockey.  As we’ve seen with the best ReAction sculpts, the egg-covered base is simple, yet not plain– there is a nice amount of texture that gives this piece a creepy, organic feel that fits with the Alien aesthetic, while not being so photo-realistic as to betray the typical sculpt quality we saw in toys from this era.

ReAction Alien Egg Chamber 022The backdrop is a lot of fun, featuring an all-new painting of the HR Geiger designed catacombs, in a brown, green and blue color pallet that works very well based on the scene from the film.  In the background at the top of the shaft rests a rendering of the Space Jockey, which gives the whole playset a nice, simple sense of depth that I love.

Even the placement of the foot pegs on the base is great, especially since there’s one right next to the single open eggs, allowing you to replicate Kane’s encounter in toy form.  The overall size of the piece works perfectly in scale with the retro style figures, and having this sort of display makes the figures pop in a whole new way.

ReAction Alien Egg Chamber 016My favorite nod that Super7 worked into this piece is the box art, which is hilariously on the nose.  Like the Kenner boxes of old, we get a photo of the playset itself, being played with by two kids.  A little boy, playing the Xenomorph, grins manically while a little girl playing with Kane shrieks in terror.  It’s a great shot, a perfect send-up of the action figure photo shoots of yesteryear.

The Alien Egg Chamber is a very cool piece that manages to fit the retro toy aesthetic perfectly while remaining surprisingly film accurate in its design and overall scale.  It’s clear the Super7 team had a lot of fun making this thing, and that sentiment bleeds through in the final product.  This playset makes the perfect display piece for the Alien ReAction figures, or any other vintage action figures you’d like to cross over.

Super7 has a limited supply of Egg Chamber playsets still in stock.  Click Here to purchase one now, while supplies last.

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