Supergirl Season Two Blu-Ray: Special Features

By patricksmith - September 14, 2017

The Blu-Ray of Supergirl Season Two is here, and it’s as surprisingly fun as its cast!

The copy of Supergirl that I received was the Blu-Ray and came complete with a code for a closed survey about Supergirl Season Two, a code for a digital copy, and a small insert that included an episode list with synopses, crew, and commentary information. I usually only talk about the digital contents of a set like this, but I have to make a short comment about the artwork here because the image of Supergirl rising triumphantly above debris does evoke that sense of awe that’s supposed to come with this character that only occasionally comes out in the actual series. Whether Supergirl season two nails that tone one-hundred percent of the time or not, it was clear to me by the image on the cover that they know what Supergirl is supposed to be.

Before we go any further, I should probably mention that this is a review of the Special Features and content of the disc set and not a critique of the actual show.  If you’re interested in that, I post my reviews for all the Arrowverse shows during their respective seasons in the CW/DC Weekly Roundups which you can find here on my profile page.

Alright, let’s dig in.

Disc 1
Supergirl: Alien Fight Night

I found only one Special Feature on disc one. “Supergirl: Alien Fight Night a commentary on the “Survivors” episode (which I reviewed for Kastor’s Korner for the 10/31/16 CW/DC Weekly Roundup.) Writers Paula Yoo and Eric Carrasco with Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg talk about the inspiration for the episode and the themes that were meant to drive the plot. Putting aside my personal feelings about the episode, I was impressed with how much thought went into every detail of how the Fight Club was supposed to look, what drove the side characters, and it felt cathartic to have that creative perspective that’s wholly missing when the episode actually airs. If you have an interest in things like the writing process and character motivations than this is a worthwhile way to spend ten minutes.

Disc 2
Kevin Smith and Andrew Kreisberg provide commentary on “Supergirl Lives”

Kevin Smith is so good at commentary it’s almost stupid to say this, but his and Andrew Kreisberg’s commentary for “Supergirl Lives” (Which I also reviewed for the 01/23/17 CW/DC Weekly Roundup) is very entertaining. They talk about Burton’s Batman influence, Kevin Smith’s recent reemergence as a successful guest-director, and James Olsen’s Turtle-Boy possibility. If you’re a fan of Smith’s SModcast, Comic Book Men, or any State of the Nerd Union media you will be just as entertained by Smith and Kreisberg riffing off each other as I was.

Disc 4
Supergirl: Aliens Among Us

This twenty-minute look at the aliens of Supergirl, as well as what drives the show’s philosophy of the prospect of aliens was quite possibly one of my favorite features of this set. Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, along with producer Robert Rovner, VFX Supervisor Armen Kevorkian and Phil Cousineau the author of Once and Future Myths talk not only about what is mechanically done to create Supergirl’s interstellar guest stars, but what stories and ideas of human culture influence the inception of the vast array of inhuman characters that pop up so frequently. This commentary covers aliens that appear throughout the entire season including favorites like M’gann, Lyra, and Mon El as well as the background and one-off characters that appear throughout the season. A favorite theme of this season focused on immigration, and how the approach to aliens was meant to align with real world instances of xenophobia and racism. That’s the majority of the feature. Fans of make-up effects, prosthetics, and CGI can still get a little bit of insight into the Supergirl process, albeit a very small look (like the last five minutes.)

Supergirl: 2016 Comic-Con Panel

If you missed the 2016 Comic-Con Panel for the second season of Supergirl then this is probably the best way to see it. The video is edited well, hitting all the high points of the panel including questions fielded by Producer Sara Schechter and the cast as well as the first public appearance of Tyler Hoechlin after he was annouced as Superman. I can see how this is more a diehard fan feature, but it is still really entertaining, and very funny (especially Jeremy Jordan and Mehcad Brooks who are show-stealers.)

A Conversation with Andrew Kreisberg and Kevin Smith

This is a four-minute audio clip of Kevin Smith and Andrew Kreisberg, with some video of Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl scenes over it that talks a lot about the contrasts and comparisons with shows like Arrow and the Flash when it comes to Supergirl. There’s not a whole lot here, besides Kevin Smith’s well-documented discomfort with heavy special effects, but it’s only four minutes so I can’t really say you should avoid it. If anything though, I think it reinforces how cool the audio commentary for “Supergirl Lives” is.

Supergirl: Did you know?

These short vignettes regard trivia about the show behind the scenes from the cast and crew including the Superman baby gender, Martian Manhunter’s zipper insistence, and Kara’s brownie theft. Supergirl’s cast and crew interact really well together and are all very charismatic so this just further solidifies just how positive and fun their experience on the show has been, so I would say this was the best way I could end my exploration of the set.

Final Word: All in all, a behind the scenes look is only as good as the people who work there, and Supergirl has one of the best and most charismatic casts of any show on TV right now. Hearing the direct influence of the creative team’s personal politics made seeing that perspective come alive during the season’s run that much more rewarding. I very much enjoyed the Special Features the Supergirl team compiled for this set and felt like it really projected the best of this great show. Technically the Blu-Ray boasts 1080p 16×9 resolution with a 5.1 English audio track (DTS-HD) and subtitles in English for the hearing impaired, French, and Spanish. If you’re a fan of Supergirl, this season two Blu-Ray set is the best way to experience it.  Check it out in stores now.

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