Superior Spider-Man Swings Into The Legends Lineup

By bill - January 28, 2014

ASML-Superior-featThe controversial new Spider-Man makes a great addition to the Marvel Legends collection.

The Superior Spider-Man has been one of the more controversial story lines for the web slinger in quite some time.  Me personally, I have loved Dan Slott’s arc, which has replaced Peter Parker with Doc Ock as the new Spider-Man.  But love the story or hate it, Hasbro’s Superior Spider-Man is another remarkably good figure.  Released as part of the Amazing Spider-Man Legends, Superior Spider-Man sports another great, all new sculpt, a very welcome set of alternate hands, and a Build A Figure part for the Ultimate Green Goblin.

At first I was nervous for this figure– the early prototype looked an awful lot like the dreaded Bullseye body, a base which really needs to be retired at this point.  But the new mold, while similar in size and scale, is a total step up.  I really like the design Hasbro’s team have used on their most recent Marvel Legends, which feature an improved articulation pattern and some top notch sculpting, and the new smaller build of the Superior Spider-Man figure adds another winner to their roster of base bodies.  The figure is appropriately slim and smaller than the average hero, which works very well in this case.  The articulation is on par with other recent Hasbro Legends, leaving the current Doc Ock very easy and very fun to pose around.

ASML Superior 20

Superior Spider-Man features a relatively simple costume, loosely based on Alex Ross’ abandoned movie designs, and small details on this figure, such as the sculpted lenses on his mask, really bring him to life.  Not only that, this Spidey even sports a second set of hands, so you can pose your figure with his classic “thwipp” hands or a set of loose fists which work for fighting shots, or for Doc Ock to stroke his chin in contemplation.

I was honestly expecting Superior Spidey to be the clunker of this assortment, a purchase only to complete the Green Goblin BAF, but he’s actually a really great figure in his own right.  The new sculpt is excellent, he’s very well articulated, and the extra hands go a long way in upping the fun factor here.  Considering the source material on which he’s based, Superior Spider-Man feels like an important piece for the Legends collection, and when the figure ends up being this cool, he’s not only an important addition, but a welcome one.

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Check back later today as we continue our look at this awesome new series!

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