Supply and Demand is the Main Villain in DCs Villains Month So Far

By jayq - September 6, 2013

villains month kastor's kornerDid DC Comics hype an event just to cause a feeding frenzy in the collectors world or was this just an accident?

For the last few months in all of our beloved DC Comic books we have seen these teasers for the launch of the New 52’s third anniversary called Villains Month. This event is a collection of One-Shots from DC’s biggest 52 villains. DC has solicited that with the Heroes dead evil will run amok across the DC Universe. Some books have one cover with their main big bad; where as some of the bigger characters that have more extensive rogues gallery will have up to 4 books per title. Some of the title characters are Joker, Two-Face, Poison Ivy, Zod, H’El, Parasite, Doomsday, Lex Luthor, The Court of Owls, Jokers Daughter, Relic, Count Vertigo, Darkseid, Black Adam, the return of Sinestro and many more. On top of the One-Shots DC is also offering a Forever Evil mini-series that has Batman fans all worked up because of the rumor of Nightwing’s death in this event and is fueled by the bloodied picture of the Nightwing logo.

So why is everyone talking about these One-Shots. Well DC made these books with a 3-D type motion cover, and as we all know gimmicks like this bring out the “scalpers” that see these things as quick dollar signs. The issue now comes to light that there is not enough supply to meet the demand for these items. In fact some of you may have gotten calls from friends on Wednesday to hurry up and get to the local comic shop because they are about to sell out. Shops that ordered these books did not get their total order (if any) since these books were heavily allocated. If you are not familiar with the term it means these books were rationed out and not everyone got what they asked for since the supply was too low to meet everyone’s order. So you could have said, “Eh no worries I have a subscription box!” Well as true as that may be if the shop was shorted chances are they may never get them in so they will not be in your subscription box.

So what did DC do to help this situation? They offered News Stand Editions (plain covers that do not have the 3-d Motion Cover and fit into a news paper/magazine rack) of all the One-Shots. Which in my opinion was a good move so people still have an opportunity to get a book they may want even though the specialty gimmick cover would have to be sacrificed. The question has to be asked if this event was hyped why the supply couldn’t meet the demand. Why drive the value of a book on the secondary market up when you get no cut in those profits? DC and all within its corporate umbrella do not see a dime of the secondary market so why fuel the fires of the scalper? It would have made sense to have met the demand so that they the primary company could reap the benefits of this event and continue to turn out the books most of us love.

Villains Month kicks off this week and if you can find these books on the racks still go for it. Next week we will see a new batch so get to your local comic shop early on Wednesdays and get your covers!

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