How To Survive A Comic Convention: The SDCC Edition

By staff-writers - July 7, 2015



With San Diego Comic Con this week, as a public service, we at Kastor’s Korner would like to offer some generic survival tips to help you out and to get through this con a lot easier.

Now these are not mutually exclusive to San Diego Comic Con, but can be applied to any con.

  1. Shower and Use Deodorant: Cons are extremely crowded and it can get extremely warm in there, so do your fellow con goers a favor and shower and use deodorant. I can’t stress this enough. Nothing is worse than a smelly fanboy. Ugh! Con funk! Plus there are travel sizes you can carry with you during the con. So really there is no excuse
  2. Bring Bottled Water: Hydration is extremely important. Plus at what the convention halls charge, it’s best to bring your own. I suggest either one of those camping plastic bottles or one of those aluminum bottles. They also have collapsible plastic bottles if you’re worried about carrying too much. Most of these halls have plenty of water fountains around, and it’s really easy just to fill it up when you’re running low
  3. Use Deodorant
  4. Bring Snacks: You’re gonna get hungry, so bring some snacks with you. And again, the convention hall is going to try to charge you an arm and leg to eat something. I know I don’t like paying $8 for a small turkey sandwich. Plus don’t forget, you might be waiting in line for a long time. You don’t want to leave if you get hungry and loose your place. Personally I suggest something with protein in it like an energy bar. But there are cheaper places to eat outside the convention center.
  5. Mind Your Manners: It takes very little effort to say “Excuse me”. Try it.
  6. Don’t Block Traffic: Listen, Comic Con is nuts. It’s already hard enough to move there with all the people. But don’t be part of the problem. I’m especially talking to the cosplayers. Move off the side for photo ops so people can get through. If not, you might run into someone like me who will either photo bomb you or be like a linebacker and just knock you out of the way. While I will say “excuse me” first, if I got to be someplace at a specific time, I’m going to get there anyway I can.
  7. Use Deodorant
  8. Wear Comfortable Clothes And Shoes: Might as well be comfortable, seeing how you’re going to be on your feet all day. Though this is kind of null and void if you’re cosplaying. Wear shirts that don’t ride up and pants that don’t fall down. I’ve seen a lot of crack digging through back issues. Not a pretty sight.
  9. Use Deodorant
  10. Small Bills: Everyone is going to be hitting the ATM and bringing a lot of 20’s. This can cause the vendors to run out of change. Do yourself a favor and go to a bank and try to break your fundage into small bills. Yes, it’s a load to carry in your wallet, but you’ll move more quickly through the vendors with small bills.
  11. Use Deodorant
  12. Bring A Charger: LLet’s face it, electronics run out of power. It happens. So make sure you pack a charger. There are plenty of outlets around, so that’s not an issue. Though you might want to consider also bringing a power strip. While there are plenty of outlets, they are most likely being used. One of those battery powered chargers just might be a good investment
  13. Use Deodorant
  14. Plan Accordingly: Comic Con is just a massive undertaking, any way you look at it. Use the Comic-Con website to plan your plan of attack. The site has a map and programming listed. Plus there is a downloadable app for you phone. And there are various websites that will list the specifics for a booth. If you’re looking for signatures, take a look at the websites to find out where and when.
  15. Use Deodorant
  16. Keep a List: I find it easier to keep a list of items I’m looking for. So when I’m thumbing through the bins I know what I want.
  17. Vitamin C: With everything going on at Comic-Con, you might want to have plenty of Vitamin C. It’s a fact, with all the running around, your body is going to break down. And you will end up with the “Con Flu”. It happens to just about every one of us. You just run around and then Sunday comes and you stop. You’re going to be exhausted. With everything happening, it’s kind of hard to get a much needed nap in. Just get some Vitamin C in you. Caffeine also helps!
  18. Use Deodorant
  19. Get Your Autograph Items Ready: There is nothing more annoying than waiting in line for an autograph, and the guy in front of you doesn’t have anything ready. Take the comics out of the bag and get them ready for signings.
  20. Use Deodorant
  21. Bring An Extra Bag: Personally I find it easy to bring a backpack, with an extra collapsible bag for bought items and swag. Just makes it easier. I suggest bringing a poster tube, seeing how a lot of the swag are posters and you don’t want to get them messed up.
  22. Use Deodorant
  23. Don’t Be Creepy: Yes, your favorite creator is making himself/herself available, but it doesn’t mean you’re BFFs. Take cues from the person across the table to determine what type of conversation is appropriate. And guys like it or not, ladies are much more prevalent at cons now. Whether in costume or in a favorite t-shirt, ladies attend cons for the same reasons you do: to snag autographs and sketches, dig through longboxes, and find collectibles to fill shelves. Nothing is more annoying to a geeky girl than being ogled while she digs for Eightball back issues. Engage her in conversation, but respect that she’s a fellow geek, not the last girl on the planet.
  24. Don’t Hit On The Booth Babes: Listen up! They do not want to be your girlfriend! They just want you to buy their stuff! The same goes for cosplayers. There have been a lot of reports lately of harassment with cosplayers. Just because they dress that way, doesn’t mean they are going to sleep with you. Get it out of your head. Consplay Doesn’t Mean Consent!
  25. Use Deodorant: Notice a trend here. This is something I just can’t stress enough.
  26. Have a Good Time: Despite everything, just enjoy yourself

Remember: Knowledge is power!

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