T-Dog Stops in on the Fanboy Factor

By kastor417 - June 24, 2013

Kastor's Korner joins up with the Fanboy Factor

This week we catch up with IronE Singleton, T-Dog on  AMC’s The Walking Dead, on his new book, life growing up in Atlanta and his possible action figure.

This week on the Fanboy Factor IronE Singleton stops by to talk about how his experiences living in the inner-city gave him some experience dealing with zombies. We also discuss the future of the Avengers in the comics, Spider-man’s sister, and some of the rumors surrounding The Amazing Spider-man 2.

You can find out more about IronE Singleton on his website www.ironesingleton.com and check out his book Blindsided by the Walking Dead.

Head over to the Fanboy Factor to listen online or if you are using iTunes you can use this link to their feed to add it to your podcast library.

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