Toy of the Day #45- Hasbro Marvel Legends Venompool Wave

By kastor417 - January 27, 2021
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October 17, 2016

Gotham 3.05- The Sirens Arrive And A Bromace Is Born

This week was all about the Penguin crew and their dysfunctional relationships, along with the birth of the Sirens

October 17, 2016

The Hatter Gets Creepy In Gotham 3.04

We delve deeper into the back ground of the Mad Hatter in a New Day Rising this week on Gotham. 

October 17, 2016

NYCC 2016: Bif! Bang! Pow! Adam West Returns To Batman

Adam West may not be able to put on the tights, but he can still voice the Caped Crusader in the newest Batman film from Warner Bros Animation. 

October 15, 2016

NYCC 2016: Bluefin Brought The Toys!

It was a tight booth, but some of the most impressive toys coming up this year are coming from Bluefin. 

October 14, 2016

Legends of Tomorrow Season Two Premiere Review

“Out of Time” starts out fun, but soon grows exhausting.

October 13, 2016

NYCC 2016: Five Minutes With DC Comics Rob Venditti

We sat down at NYCC with DC Comics Writer Rob Venditti to talk about taking over the Green Lanterns world.

October 11, 2016

Supergirl Season Two Premiere Review

National City hosts the Big Blue Boy Scout himself.

October 6, 2016

Arrow Season Five Premiere Review

“Legacy” refuses to let Arrow drown.

October 5, 2016

The Flash Season Three Premiere Review

“Flashpoint” is a alternate timeline with its fair share of problems.

October 4, 2016

Superhero Fight Club 2.0 is incredibly cheesy fun

DC’s CW superheros get a little bit of a warmup before their season premieres.

October 3, 2016

The Mad Hatter Comes To Gotham

The Hatter adds Madness to season 3 of Gotham on Fox. 

October 3, 2016

The JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA is back—just when we need it most!

Foes of evil! Enemies of injustice! As it began in DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH, for the mighty heroes of the Justice League of America, all wrongdoing is a menace to be stamped out!

September 29, 2016

CW Reveals new pics for “Flashpoint” and “Paradox”

Looks like we’re getting a glimpse at not just the premiere of the Flash’s third season “Flashpoint,” but a look at the second episode “Paradox” as well.

September 29, 2016

Oliver’s back to his old tricks in Arrow’s latest trailer

Breaking the rules is right, as Oliver learns that there might be a better way than the “better way”

September 26, 2016

Gotham 302- Fish Goes Full-Deadpool

The plot of Deadpool is basically the motivation of Fish in the second episode of season three.