Toy of the Day- Marvel Legends- Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 Wave

By kastor417 - March 25, 2023
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January 30, 2017

LEGO Batman Movie Summer Sets Revealed

The first wave of sets have been a hit with fans, and now even more brick building goodness is one the way this summer. The next wave of The LEGO Batman Movie sets are here. 

January 24, 2017

The LEGO Batman Movie Polybags Add To The Line

One of the things that can be hit or miss for LEGO collectors are the polybag sets, sometimes they are a must have, and sometimes not worth tracking down. The new LEGO Batman Movie and DC Girls sets will sure to be on every collectors list.

January 20, 2017

DC Collectibles Brings The Law, Magic, And The Demons Head

DC Collectibles is cranking out the Batman Animated line figures, and this wave has Gordon, Ras Al Ghul, and Zatanna. Expanding all aspects of the Batman world. 

January 18, 2017

TPB Pick of the Week: DC Rebirth Omnibus Vol.1

A must have collectible for any fans of DC comics. This omnibus collects the entirety of the DC Rebirth, that includes the Rebirth Special and all the one shots of the initial reboot.

December 29, 2016

Green Lantern’s Light Shines with DC Collectibles Newest Statue Bust

DC Collectibles’ Jim Lee statue bust series has a new addition to the family– Hal Jordan the Green Lantern of Earth.

December 27, 2016

Goodsmile Company’s Nendoroid Justice Edition Batman is Adorable Beyond Words

Normally you use words like brooding, gritty, or other butt kicking verbiage to describe Batman. However, with Goodsmile Company’s Nendoroids you can’t help but to call them adorable.

December 22, 2016

Harley Quinn Becomes A Big Figure

Harley Quinn kicks off JAKKS Pacific’s Amazon Exclusive Big Figure collection in 2017 and we have one for a first look!

December 22, 2016

DC Collectibles Adds Frank Millers Joker to the Black and White Series

DC Collectibles is wrapping up 2016 with a bang with a Joker statue by Frank Miller that is brilliant!

December 21, 2016

TPB Pick of the Week: Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

IDW and DC Comics take us on an adventure of epic proportions as Batman and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles team up.

December 20, 2016

DC Collectibles Batman and Robin Black and White Statues by Carmine Infantino

The Batman Black and White series continues to roll out amazing hit after hit. The newest addition to the family is Batman and Robin by Carmine Infantino.

December 5, 2016

CW/DC Weekly Roundup Week 11/28/2016

It’s interstellar friends and foes in this week’s CW/DC TV roundup!

November 29, 2016

Batman Begins Again Thanks To NECA

NECA’s latest surprise DC films release brings Christian Bale’s Batman to a whole new scale.

November 27, 2016

CW/DC Weekly Roundup Week 11/21/2016

It’s secret laboratories and icicle kunai in this week’s CW/DC TV roundup!

November 21, 2016

CW/DC Weekly Roundup Week 11/14/2016

It’s climate change, destinies, vigilante justice, and bounty hunting in this week’s CW/DC TV roundup.

November 17, 2016

CW/DC Weekly Roundup Week 11/07/2016

It’s the second amendment, Drago, and Ronald Reagan in this week’s CW/DC TV roundup.