Kornercast Podcast Season 2 Episode 2- The Return

By kastor417 - July 23, 2022
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cover for bodies #8
March 24, 2015

Comics Korner: Bodies #8

Judgement is upon us in the world of Bodies, and each of the four detectives finally finds clarity.

cover for Bodies 7
February 10, 2015

Comics Korner: Bodies #7

Getting closer to the end of Vertigo’s Bodies, but they’re still keeping their answers bottled up.

cover for bodies 6
January 5, 2015

Comics Korner: Bodies #6

Bodies is back to poke at your brain and ask, can the victim really be the perpetrator?

cover for travis top ten
December 31, 2014

Comics Korner: Ten Comic Book Series That Don’t Suck

You’ll never guess who made my list of ten series you should be reading. Ok well you probably could, but you should click this anyway.

cover for Bodies #5
December 10, 2014

Comics Korner: Bodies #5

The British detectives are back for another shot at solving the murder that spans time, and they’re getting some much needed help from the one-eyed man.

cover for bodies #4
October 29, 2014

Comics Korner: Bodies #4

The detectives face a complicated mystery that becomes even more challenging when their murder victims start disappearing.

cover for Bodies #3
October 2, 2014

Comics Korner: Bodies #3

The newest issue of Bodies from Vertigo has four murder mysteries throughout time that are slowly beginning to intertwine.