Transformers Rise of the Beasts Box from Hasbro

By kastor417 - August 28, 2023
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August 26, 2021

Toy of the Day 256- Hasbro Star Wars Black Series Jaxxon

Today on the Toy of the Day we are talking about the new Hasbro Star Wars Black Series Jaxxon!

December 2, 2014

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Gets a Special Edition George Lucas Cut

Haters gonna make some good points.

TPB Pick of the Week: Star Wars-Dark Empire Trilogy
May 9, 2014

TPB Pick of the Week: Star Wars-Dark Empire Trilogy

With all the hype around Star Wars I thought it would be appropriate to share a book that we all thought was a shoe in for the next trilogy, Star Wars- The Dark Empire Trilogy was published by Dark Horse Comics.

Star Wars Rebels
May 5, 2014

The Rebels are Rising

Not only did we get some great toy news on Star Wars day, we also got a longer look at the upcoming animated Star Wars Rebels show.

Raiders of the Lost Ark poster
March 31, 2014

Could Indiana Jones Be The Next James Bond?

The one constant thing about James Bond is he will always change with the times, so can a hero like Indiana Jones change too?

September 4, 2013

The Star Wars Shows Us a Different Side of the Force

Long ago, in a galaxy even further away circa 1974, George Lucas completed a rough screen play of what would become Star Wars Episode IV. Before the all the hype and hoopla it was just called The Star Wars.

October 30, 2012

Disney Buys LucasFilm… and George Lucas Lets Go Of Star Wars (Hopefully)

Disney has purchased LucasFilm from George Lucas for a price tag just as high as their $4 billion Marvel purchase. We know how that worked out, but can the House of Mouse rescue the stone that is Star Wars from its blood-drawn fate?