Transformers Rise of the Beasts Box from Hasbro

By kastor417 - August 28, 2023
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February 15, 2014

Toy Fair 2014: Hasbro’s Kre-O Collection

Kre-O is back, and ready to build another great year in 2014.

May 13, 2013

Transformers Kre-O Devastator Doesn’t Quite Come Together

The classic Constructicon combiner gets the Kre-O treatment, as Devastator joins the Micro Changers Combiner collection.  I just wish he made a better first impression.

February 9, 2013

Toy Fair 2013: Hasbro Kre-O Report

Hasbro’s Kre-O series is “building” like never before in 2013!  Check out what’s in store for the building toy versions of Transformers, GI Joe, Star Trek and more this year.