Transformers Rise of the Beasts Box from Hasbro

By kastor417 - August 28, 2023
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April 10, 2017

Minimate Monday- Deadpool Returns For More ‘Mates

When in doubt make more Deadpool everything. Diamond Select Toys fills the Deadpool void with yet another wave of figures based mainly on the Merc with a Mouth.

March 20, 2017

Minimate Monday- Luke Cage Takes Back Harlem

Luke Cage was a hit on Netflix, and now he has his second Minimate from Diamond Select Toys. 

March 6, 2017

Minimate Monday- Walgreens Enters The Spider-verse

Walgreens once again is adding another collector stop for Minimate fans, this time Ultimate and Animated are on the check list. 

February 24, 2017

Toy Fair 2017: In The Diamond Select Toys Booth

For me the highlight of Toy Fair was Diamond Select Toys booth. Whenever minimates are involved I am happy but seeing the new Kingdom hearts lines just made my weekend. 

February 6, 2017

Minimate Monday: Back To The Future – Back To 1955

Diamond Select Toys last Back to the Future four-pack rounds out the big looks of the 50’s for collectors. 

January 30, 2017

Minimates Monday- Pigs In Space And More Muppets

Diamond Select Toys continue to put my childhood in Minimate form. Pigs in Space and some much needed Muppets round out this shared Toys R Us and specialty shop wave. 

January 16, 2017

Minimate Monday- Walgreens Animated 2.5

We are going back a wave of Minimates in today’s Minimate Monday, taking a look at wave 2.5 of the Walgreens Animated line of exclusives. 

January 9, 2017

Minimates Invade Walgreens

Diamond Select Toys are cranking out the Minimates in the Walgreens Exclusive line based on the Marvel animated world.

January 2, 2017

Doctor Strange Warps The Minds Of Minimate Collectors

Doctor Strange Minimates kick off 2017’s Minimate Mondays.

December 19, 2016

DST & Toys R Us Deliver More Aliens Minimates

Six new Aliens Minimates from three different source materials make up the great new wave of Toys R Us exclusive two-packs.

October 17, 2016

Minimate Monday: Secret Wars-Toys R Us Wave

The Secret Wars Minimates are still hanging around Toys R Us, and hit all the major names in the Marvel Universe. 

October 17, 2016

Marvel Animated Minimates Series 3 Revealed; Series 2.5 Now Available at Walgreens

Diamond Select Toys is rolling out Series 2.5 of its Marvel Animated Minimates collection, the latest assortment of an exclusive mini-figure line now available only at Walgreens stores. That means it’s time to officially announce the next assortment in the line!

October 12, 2016

NYCC 2016: The Diamond Select Toy Panel

On Sunday of this year’s New York Comic Con, Diamond Select Toys ran a panel spotlighting new and upcoming merchandise. While the panel covered most of DST’s existing properties, getting the most attention into 2017 are DST’s ever expanding line of Minimates.

October 3, 2016

Minimate Monday: Secret Wars- Girl Power!

Digging through all our Minimates, we found one of the best recent waves; comic shop wave of the Secret Wars. 

September 26, 2016

Minimates Mondays: Wolverine & Thunderbird

The powerhouses of the team, Wolverine Thunderbird, headline this set with striking colors but no accessories.