Kornercast Podcast Season 2 Episode 2- The Return

By kastor417 - July 23, 2022
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September 14, 2012

Hail to the King of the Iron Fist Tournament

Namco/Bandai Games debuted the Tekken franchise in arcades nearly two decades ago, spawning numerous ports and sequels, including this year’s crossover with Street Fighter, and a rather large cast of memorable characters, each with their own canon backstory and unique fighting style.  It’s impressive roster is one of the factors that played into Tekken’s remarkable…

June 13, 2012

Inversion: A Singularity From Which No Fun Can Escape

I’m a sucker for a good third-person action game; especially when they bring something new to the table.  Developed by Saber Interactive, Inversion was built around a central mechanic which allows the player to manipulate the force of gravity — which seemed like a winning formula seeing as TimeShift (also developed by Saber Interactive) benefitted from…