Kornercast Podcast #117- The Fanboy Factor Reunion Part 2

By kastor417 - January 25, 2021
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February 8, 2016

THE WALKING DEAD, VOL. 25 customers will enjoy bonus—OUTCAST issue

Image Comics/Skybound Entertainment is pleased to announce that THE WALKING DEAD, VOL. 25, created and written by Robert Kirkman with art by Charlie Adlard, will be shrink-wrapped with a free copy of OUTCAST #1 by Robert Kirkman and Paul Azaceta and will be in stores this March, while supplies last.

March 23, 2015

Comics Korner: Outcast #7

Kyle Barnes has ghostbusting in his blood, but will it be enough to face what’s building in the background?

cover for Outcast 6
January 12, 2015

Comics Korner: Outcast #6

Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight in your kitchen?

cover for travis top ten
December 31, 2014

Comics Korner: Ten Comic Book Series That Don’t Suck

You’ll never guess who made my list of ten series you should be reading. Ok well you probably could, but you should click this anyway.

December 10, 2014

Demonic Possession Takes Hold in OUTCAST BY KIRKMAN AND AZACETA

  Collection of new series written by THE WALKING DEAD creator out in January

cover for Outcast #5
November 25, 2014

Comics Korner: Outcast #5

Murder doesn’t start in cold blood and murderers aren’t always just crazy.

cover for Outcast #4
October 2, 2014

Comics Korner: Outcast #4

Fighting demons is in Kyle’s blood, but now the world wants his help in the latest issue of Outcast by Robert Kirkman and Paul Azaceta.

September 27, 2014


  The fourth issue of Skybound’s hot series goes straight to 2nd printing

cover for Outcast #3
September 2, 2014

Comics Korner: Outcast #3

We all have thoughts we know we shouldn’t be thinking…but what if you want to think them?

cover for Outcast #2
July 30, 2014

Comics Korner: Outcast #2

Everyone sees the blood on your hands, but will anyone see the demons in their eyes?

cover art for outcast #1
June 26, 2014

Comics Korner: Outcast #1

Robert Kirkman and Paul Azaceta begin Outcast, a new series about demonic possession, twitchy kids, and hermit heroes.