Kornercast Podcast Season 2 Episode 2- The Return

By kastor417 - July 23, 2022
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October 16, 2013

Comics Korner: IDW Picks of the Week!

Can the Joes Pull off the rescue against unknown assailants?  Will Khan Be found guilty of crimes against humanity?

May 27, 2013

Summer Movie Scorecard: One Month In

We’re one month into the Summer movie season, so let’s look at how the first wave of movies measures up.

May 20, 2013

Star Trek Kre-O Enterprise Is Lots Of Fun

The deluxe scale Enterprise is the coolest set in the Star Trek Kre-O collection.

May 16, 2013


Star Trek Into Darkness leads our famous crew into the start of their first 5 year mission in the stars, but falls back to earth with a thud.

May 16, 2013

STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Boldly Goes Where We’ve Already Been

The sequel to Star Trek replaces charm and fun for too many explosions and plot twists which are– as Mr. Spock would say– “highly illogical.”

May 1, 2013

Star Trek Kre-O Minifigures Are A Mixed Bag

Alongside the Star Trek Kre-O vehicles and playsets, Hasbro has also released a series of blind bag minifigures, which are kind of all over the place.

April 29, 2013

Star Trek Kre-O Beams Down A Cool Transporter Room Set

Transporter Room Trouble sees the iconic room of the Enterprise– and equally iconic Engineer Scotty– join the Star Trek Kre-O universe.

April 29, 2013

Star Trek Kre-O Spock’s Volcano Mission Is Kind Of A Bust

Spock’s Volcano Mission looked to be one of the cooler Kre-O sets, with exclusive figures of Sulu and Spock in his red space suit included, along with a great looking drop ship and mini playset. In reality, it’s not a bad set, but a disappointing one.

April 16, 2013

New Star Trek Poster Stays Dark, But Looks Cool

The latest Star Trek Into Darkness poster crashes and burns… but it actually looks pretty cool.

March 21, 2013

New Trailer Sees Star Trek… Back Into Gritty Sameness

Watch the new trailer for The Trek Knight… or is it Trekfall?

March 13, 2013

New Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer Looks Worlds Better

The new Star Trek trailer sidesteps the Dark Knight trappings for some good, old Trek reboot-style fun, and a new focus on Kirk being Kirk.

December 10, 2012

Star Trek: Into Darkness Gets A Trailer, Names Its Villain

You know a JJ Abrams movie is coming when the misinformation and confusion gets this thick!

December 4, 2012

The Federation Descends Into Darkness

Along with the Man of Steel poster, the first Star Trek: Into Darkness one sheet was also revealed recently. The poster is simple but raises a lot of questions.