Toy of the Day- Deadpool (Bandai/ Namco S.H.Figuarts-Tamashi Nations)

By kastor417 - March 14, 2023
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February 25, 2015

Gustavo Fring Breaks Bad

Walter White’s greatest nemesis joins Mezco’s Breaking Bad toy collection.

June 4, 2014

Funko is Bringing Back the Blue!

Today Funko announced that their next wave of Pop! vinyl figures will focus on the cast of AMC’s Breaking Bad.

April 30, 2014

Breaking Bad In 8 Minutes

For fans of the amazing series Breaking Bad this tribute video sums up the series perfectly.

January 29, 2014

Mezco Reveals Toy Fair Exclusive Breaking Bad Walter White Variant

Mezco Toyz is getting ready for Toy Fair, and they’re bringing a special edition variant figure of Walter White from Breaking Bad along for the ride.

November 19, 2013

What Breaking Bad Figure Will Mezco Release On Black Friday?

Mezco Toyz will release a mystery Breaking Bad action figure on their website on Black Friday… who could it be?

September 30, 2013

TV Korner: Breaking Bad 5.16 – “Felina”

Walter White and Vince Gilligan both go out on their own terms as Breaking Bad comes to its inevitable, perfect end.

September 29, 2013

TV Korner: Breaking Bad- A Perfect End

A series full of ups and downs, crafting a near perfect 6 year run, Breaking Bad came to an end this week. All the puzzle pieces over the 2 years finally all came together and Walt pulled off one of the most amazing plans in the entire series.

September 29, 2013

Will Breaking Bad Live Up to the Hype?

Every series finale has the problem of living up to whole series. Fans expect the finale to be better than the other 50 or 100 episodes that came before it. So with Breaking Bad ending tonight, can it live up to the last six years worth of twists and turns?

September 23, 2013

TV Korner: Breaking Bad 5.15- “Granite State”

For the whole series both Jesse and Walt have tried to stay free men, never to be locked up. In the final episode before the finale both men find themselves in trapped in two very different cages.

September 11, 2013

Breaking Bad’s Saul Goodman Is Getting His Spinoff Show!

Breaking Bad fans rejoice– the time will come again when we’d “Better Call Saul.”

September 8, 2013

TV Korner: Breaking Bad 5.13- “To’hajiilee”

For the last five years Breaking Bad as left fans on the edge of their seats and tonight was no exception. Tonight was one of the most intense episodes on the show, maybe in TV history.

August 25, 2013

TV Korner: Breaking Bad 5.11- “Confessions”

Once again Breaking Bad delivers one of the most intense and riveting shows in history. Jesse grows up, Hank gets knocked down, and Walt shows once again why he is the ring leader of this circus.

August 12, 2013

TV Korner: Breaking Bad 5.09- “Blood Money”

Walter White returns for his final run on AMC’s Breaking Bad. The final 8 episodes of the critically acclaimed series started off with a bang giving fans one of the best showdowns in the history of the show.

July 23, 2013

Mezco Toyz’ Breaking Bad Walter White Looks Great While Doing Little

Mezco Toyz’ debut Breaking Bad figure looks amazing, with cool accessories and an amazing sculpt.  But the figure’s lack of articulation limits what you can do with him.