A Tale of Two Speeders

By kastor417 - November 28, 2017

Since Bill talked about the 3.75 figure pack in figures, why not talk about the 6 inch Black Series figures too!

Since the early days of Star Wars toys there have been vehicles, and Luke’s speeder has been one that keeps being made. I can remember getting mine in the 80’s and then again in the 90’s, and though a simple thing it always brought back the memories of watching the original Star Wars.  Yearly HBO would run it a few times, and my aunt would always plan a night to watch it with me. I would get to sit right in front of the TV with air popped popcorn and watch as Darth Vader blasted his way on the Leia’s ship. And I would dream about being Luke, with his own speeder and new lightsaber. This speeder captures all the charm of the original on screen version, more so than any other toy has to date.

Maybe its the size or maybe it’s the attention to detail of the new lines, but this vehicle shows just how beat up the speeder was when Luke was driving it. From the exposed wires to all the scuffs and dents, it brings the real life look to this line. The original toy did not have that much deco details, but this version steps it up bringing this vehicle much more vibrant. Some might say it is a little too small for figures, but I was able to recreate the scene from the film with all characters on the speeder. This Luke is a step up from the previous version. The body is about the same, but the head sculpt and painting are spot on. This is one case where a pack in figure is just as worth tracking down as the vehicle. Luke also comes with all the extras from his early screen time in the film, including his binoculars, poncho, hat, and rifle. They all also fit nicely on or in the speeder.

Rey also gets and update and her own speeder. This one also only has a little bit of screen time, but like Luke it gives us some insight into the character. This speeder is not perfect, and comes complete with all it’s dents and scrapes. It also has panels which open to reveal the engine inside, something that did not have to be included but adds to the overall value of the set. One of the highlights of the vehicles is the net and ball of junk. It gives a good place to hold Rey’s staff and any scraps she brings back to the settlement.

It is scaled perfectly to the driver, something that larger scale vehicles can struggle with. There is always that balance with cost and screen accuracy, but so far the Black Series has nailed it. This version of Rey sports a soft goods costume, and better detailing compared to the Episode VII version. This time she gets a covered face, like the early part of the film, as well as her back pack and gear. The only thing missing that would make this great set amazing is an unmasked head. I know we already got a few versions, and more thanks to the new film, but a new face scanned head on this body would make the ultimate Rey.

I hope this trend of vehicles continues, because I need an X-wing and although a very big long shot a Falcon. They are on sale this week on Amazon so grab your Rey and Luke Speeders today!!

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