Talking Marvel Legends With Hasbro’s Dwight Stall

By kastor417 - August 21, 2017

After all the SDCC reveals we had a chance to talk with Senior Design Manger for Hasbro Marvel Legends, Dwight Stall, to talk about the future of the line. 

Throughout the week at SDCC the Marvel Team was updating the cases daily, starting out with everything about to hit shelves, and ending with previewing the next year’s worth of product. Not everything shown at the panel was in the cases, but there was enough to cause a lot of traffic in the Marvel side of the booth. On point brought up during our interview was how it is important to keep characters out on the shelf for people to buy, you will always see a Spider-man or Wolverine, but it has been almost a decade for a lot of the Marvel villains. So this rebirth of Marvel Legends means everyone is on the table, from the Toy Biz days all the way to the early Hasbro waves. It is clear they are dedicated to bringing better toys to fans, and it does not hurt there is a bit of friendly rivalry between the Hasbro teams, making sure they bring their A game to every toy they put out for kids and collectors.

Take a listen below and head to Facebook to tell us what you are most excited to get your hands on this year from the Marvel team.


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