Tamashii Web Shop Exclusive TR-8R is Here to Enforce Justice

By jayq - June 23, 2016

RiotIn all movies and TV Shows we always get that one character that transcends into cult status. The Riot Trooper who was dubbed TR-8R by social media is no exception.

trooper8Trooper TR-8R (aka Traitor) was dubbed this due to his one and memorable line towards Finn and that line was simply, “Traitor”. After the movie aired this Trooper had instant fame. Bandai/Tamashii Nations used their mold on the First Order Trooper and gave him a riot shield and baton to give us this figure. This figure was not easily obtained either. This was a Tamashii Web Shop Exclusive. So what does that mean exactly? Web shop exculsives are only available to Japan and cannot be ordered with address outside of Japan. In order to get these people outside of Japan pay higher than normal prices to deal through a 3rd party site. Which is what I had to do to obtain this figure,

TR-8R comes packed in the Japanese style box with no window and shipped in the ever coveted brown shipper (these things actually make your item more valuable on resale). Included in the box are Two left hand, three right hands, a riot shield with attached left hand (see the picture to understand), and the baton with extension. The shield slips over the forearm and as a had that snaps into the peg.trooper2

The articulation is good, my gripe is that the shoulder pads pop off too easy while posing. You can get this guy to do all the things he did in the movie and recreate the battle scene versus Finn. Be careful when posing the legs as you will need to move the utility belt pouches to ensure the legs move right and the pouches do not snap off. Paint application was fantastic on this guy and all the little details on the riot shield with the see through plastic window were an added bonus.

I own all the Star Wars releases to date and this one was important for my collection, but the execution of the final product did not warrant this to be a Web Shop Exclusive in my opinion. JQ gives Trooper TR-8R a 6/10.

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