Your Tauntaun Will Freeze Before You Reach the First Marker!

By kastor417 - August 27, 2015

Star Wars ESB Kastor's KornerOnce again Hasbro and Star Wars has sucked me back in with the Tauntaun and Wampa,  and I have some new large figures to find a place for in my collection.In a toy world where playsets and large scale figure have seen a decline since the 80’s, it is always amazing when company’s give fans what they want. The Tauntaun and Wampa have been part of the Star Wars world since the Battle of Hoth, and I can’t count how many times I have bought new versions of all four of these figures.

Both beasts come with Hoth versions of Luke and Han in their full winter garb. The scale of the guys are spot on with their real world counterparts, with Luke shorter than Han. There are times when the pack in figures have less articulation, or no accessories, or a lack of paint or details with a better version coming later, but in this case Han and Luke are just as good as single carded figures.

The Tauntaun looks like his on screen design, with fur being the only thing missing. When shown at SDCC last year there was a possibility for a hinge in the torso, to recreate the opening of the beast to save Luke, but that has been removed due to cost. Honestly it would have been a fun action feature, but the overall scale and quality would have suffered, so it was a good idea to nix it. The Wampa on the other hand does have an action feature to recreate Luke’s escape from the cave. The Wampa’s arm can be removed, to reveal a bloody stump. The detailing on the full figure is much better then the stump, with the stump looking like a Fisher Price toy rather than a Black Series figure.

For the price and size of the figure it is a good value. You will get a fully detailed Black series figure with accessories and a large scale beast. These have been very difficult to find at retail so head over to our sponsor Mike’s Comics N Stuff to grab these and other Star Wars figures.

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