Teaching With Star Wars

By kastor417 - May 4, 2016

Star WarsTeacher resources are always a good thing. Good teachers get stuff from everywhere, not just college courses. From Google to Pinterest everything is helpful in the classroom, just like Star Wars in the Classroom. 

It is always great to see teachers using pop culture to teach kids. There are times when the material gets dry and you need to reach the kids with stuff they like. It can be hard to find those things, or to even understand some of the new stuff out there for kids, but Star Wars is always part of our culture.

There are items for just about every class and every age range. Character studies are great for english class or looking at the history of the Jedi and world history could produce some great projects. The site is not only great for students but teachers sometimes need a fun project to work on. Teachers get just as bored as kids teaching the same things over and over, so these project ideas are also great for them to get out of a rut in teaching. The end of the year is full of people checking out, so this could also be the start of a great end of the year project for the kids.

It is never too early to start kids on Star Wars, so if you are looking at planning something for the next movie in your class room or want a jump on next year’s May the Fourth check out the site.

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