Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Half-Shell Heroes

By jayq - September 23, 2015

half-shell-heroes-featPlaymates Toys brings our Heroes in a Half-Shell to the younger generation as Half-Shell Heroes.

This line of toys is directed to the 3 years and up crowd, and boy did they hit a home run with that market! When these came in my 6 year old went bonkers as she saw these and couldn’t wait to get her hands on them. They look great, keeping the look from the Nickelodeon cartoon even in the miniature size.

We have here The Shredder/Foot pack, Raph with Mini-bike, and Mutations Vehicle with exclusive Donnie. Each figure has shoulder articulation (360 degrees around and 90 degrees out to the side), head can turn on the neck (cannot look up and down), and the legs are joined at the crotch and move together in a seated or standing position.  kastors 9-15 036

Paint application looked fine for what we had except on Raph’s sai’s that still looked like the plastiic from the mold was not cut. This was not a turn off as most figures this size have these small imperfections. And again this is not a collectors line but a line truly for the kids.

kastors 9-15 035The Mini-Bike was cool with a special feature that if you pushed together the exhaust pipes mini ninja stars came out from under the bottom. The surprise was the Mutations vehicle that was part Shellraiser that mutates into a recycling truck. You can control the mutation by pulling the drum shaped bumper out and pushing down on the top that triggers the other side to pop out. It was a tad confusing at first for my 6 year old but after 3 attempts she got it down with no issues.

This line is cute, fun, and right up the alley for the young ones. I highly recommend this for anyone who has lil ones who love TMNT. There are no loose parts that can cause a choking hazard so have no fear. JQ gives these figures an 8.7/10 and little JQ gives these figures a toothless smile and 2 thumbs up!

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