Toy Fair 2018- Marvel Legends

By kastor417 - March 2, 2018

One of the biggest highlights of the whole show was what the Hasbro Marvel Legends team is bringing to the table in 2018!

There is no doubt collectors will have to reach deep into their pockets in 2018 just for Marvel Legends alone. Not only will we have multiple movie and comic waves, but multi-packs, store exclusives, and a 10th anniversary line that will deliver most of the chracters we have been missing since the MCU started 10 years ago. Check out the photos from the booth ( a mix of Legends and other scales) and Hasbro, and great ready for all the great Legends in 2018!

Spider-man Legends wave 2
House of m spiderman
Scarlet spider
Doc oct
Daredevil black
Baf S.P.D.R.
Avgr wv 2
black knight w 2 extra heads
Ant man movie
Wasp movie
IW Thor
IW Black Widow
BAF Black Dwarf
X-men 2018
Multiple  Man
Storm mohawk
90s Sabertooth
BAF Apocalypse
Venom wave
Venom w head
Carnage w head
Spider ham w porkrind head
Deadpool wave 2
Omega Red
Lady Deadpool
Xmen Deadpool
Deadpool in boxers
Baf sauron

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