The Reaper Rides Into Charming On Tonight’s Sons Of Anarchy

By kastor417 - September 25, 2012

It’s going to be an emotional night on Sons of Anarchy tonight. One of the main residents of Charming is going to join Piney… but who it will be is a big mystery.  In a show like this it could be just about anyone, so we came up with a list of possible victims inside. 

  • Tig: Tig seems like the most obvious choice to meet his maker, but is Damon Pope really done torturing Tig for his actions last season? Ever since Tig killed Donna in Season One he has been a marked man. There has been a long list of characters gunning for him, but he always survives. So is his number finally up?
  • Opie: Opie is a very tragic character, but his story could have a long future with the show. Last week his scenes seemed to be foreshadowing his exit… could he have been wrapping up his affairs? His goodbye to Lyla, his remarks that he has nothing he loves,and the loss of his father could all point to his demise this week. It would be more fitting for Tig to die saving Jax, but it is more likely Opie, who followed his SAMCRO brother into prison, takes his final ride with the reaper tonight.
  • Clay: Clay is on his way out but with two seasons left in the show he is most likely staying to butt heads with Jax. His health is in decline, he is losing his family, and respect within the MC, but don’t count the former president out. Clay some fight left in him and could to go the distance to make another run at the gavel.
  • Unser: Unser has fought cancer and taken a few beatings but is still going. His involvement with SAMCRO and looking into the Charming home invasions could be the downfall of the retired chief of police?
  • Gemma: Gemma is the mother of the family and the show, but could her time finally have come? She has had a few health scares and Tara slowly taking on Gemma’s role within the MC could lead to her exit from the show. Gemma’s death would be the push that needed to turn Tara into the new queen of SAMCRO.

There are many others who could die tonight but could any be more shocking than those above?

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