Thor Brings Down the Minimate Hammer

By kastor417 - January 13, 2014

Thor Dark World Minimates Kastor's KornerDiamond Select and Marvel deliver a diverse set of Minimates in their newest wave from the film Thor: The Dark World.

The set updates the two main men from the film, Thor and Loki, in their new costumes from the film, as well as newer characters. The figures have a lot more detailing than the average Minimate figure. While many of the figure have painted on details on the legs and torso, all of these figures have add-on pieces for their costumes. Each of the torso pieces are ornate sculpting with great paint applications. Each figure also comes with a good deal of accessories.

The Thor is packaged with Malekith, Loki with Heimdall, and Darcey with a Dark Elf. There is also another set that includes another Dark Elf with Eric. It is a nice way for fans to build a little army of Dark Elves without having to get multiples of the same original characters figures. Thor comes with Mjölnir and sports his new braided locks from the film. Malekith comes with an alternate head that allows fans to pick which version of the elf leader they want to display. Heimdall has his sword and handcuffs for Loki, and when his helmet is removed he has painted on hair instead of a separate hair piece. Darcy has the most fun and versatile accessories, a cell phone and laptop. They can be used by any other Minimate or smaller scaled figures, making a must have for many collectors. The Dark Elf has comes with his hand weapon attached, but can be removed and replace with normal hands.

This is one of the best waves of Minifigures Diamond Select and Marvel have released. The detailing on the figures’ armor steps up the value for all the figures. Head over to Amazon add these to your collection today.

Thor Dark World Minimates Kastor's Korner 16

Thanks to Diamond Select for getting these out to us for review

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