Thor Joins Kotobukiya’s ArtFX+ Avengers

By bill - March 19, 2015

ArtFX-Thor-featThe Mighty Avenger comes to life with this beautiful ArtFX+ release from Kotobukiya.

The first collection of Marvel ArtFX+ statues from Kotobukiya assembled the Avengers in their Marvel Now! costumes, and one of the most striking pieces in this series is Thor.  The god of thunder is posed for action, at the ready with his iconic hammer Mjolnir, as his majestic cape flows behind him.  I love the look of this statue, which captures both the regal nature and immeasurable power within this character, and Thor most definitely inspired me to gather more of the ArtFX+ Avengers for my collection.

Standing about 9″ tall, Thor is packed semi-assembled in his box.  The five pieces– head, body, left arm, right arm and legs– plug together with no glue required, making it very easy to piece this figure together.  Once fully assembled, this figure is truly impressive.  The statue was sculpted by Junnosuke Abe, based on artwork commissioned by Kotobukiya by Adi Granov, and the work of both these talented artists leaves Thor as a stunning piece.

ArtFX Thor 015

I love the sense of motion in this sculpt, as Thor’s cape flow off to the side while his head turns in the direction of his outstretched arm and hammer.  This feels like the literal moment before Thor strikes for his next battle, and the statue is brimming with a great sense of energy.

While Thor’s Marvel Now! costume is intentionally sleek and streamlined, this statue adds in great little details such as the etching on his belt and the studs and line work on his helmet.  Even the wrinkles and folds of Thor’s tunic and boots add a wonderful sense of depth and realism to the figure offering a great sense of detail.

Thor looks great on his own, but equally cool standing alongside his fellow Avengers.  The smartest choice Kotobukiya made with the Avengers ArtFX+ collection was using one illustrator and one sculptor for the entire series, which provides a great continuity between the characters.  Thor towers over many of his fellow Avengers, but he still very much feels like part of the same collection, which is perfect.

I was first introduced to Kotobukiya through their outstanding Bishoujo collection, but I am equally impressed by the great work in their ArtFX+ lines.  With an incredible attention to design, sculpted detail and intricate paint work, Kotobukiya’s ArtFX+ statues are some of the finest Avengers collectibles on the market, and will serve as the perfect introduction to the amazing work done by this great company.

Thor is out of stock at Kotobukiya’s website, but he’s pretty easy to track down on Amazon or eBay.  Click Here to visit Koto’s US store, where you can find the Avengers ArtFX+ statues and more!

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