New Thor Poster Is Crazy Majestic, Kind Of Silly

By bill - August 2, 2013

thor-featThe new Thor poster feels appropriately high fantasy and looks swell.

I keep forgetting Thor: The Dark World comes out this year, and each time I’m reminded I get happy– I loved the first Thor movie, despite its many Marvel universe-building intrusions… and from the looks of the sequel (especially this new poster), I have a feeling The Dark World will branch off into a more straight up action-fantasy angle, rather than a super hero story.

The painterly new poster features most of the returning cast, and I totally dig Loki’s new lion-like mane and Jane Foster’s sweet looking Asgardian costume.  Looming in the background is new villain Malekith the Dark Elf (played by Christopher Eccleston), and just for fun we get Sif and Heimdall and the Warriors Three hanging out in the background with Odin.  Sorry you didn’t make the poster party, Kat Dennings.

The poster has a cool look that really helps distance the Thor sequel from its super hero ilk.  I love that Marvel is branching out into so many directions with their cinematic universe; it’s a bold move to make but one that could pay off by expanding the foundation of this on screen world they’ve created in new directions, ones that will keep this universe alive for the long haul.


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