Thor’s New Nemesis Gets A Dark World Poster

By bill - September 30, 2013

malekith-featMalekith the Accursed takes center stage in front of his Dark Elf army in the latest Thor: The Dark World one sheet.

I’ve said before, I am surprised by how little the promos for November’s Thor sequel have featured the new villains like Kurse and Malekith the Accursed, the new big bad.  That’s changed a little now, as the film’s latest one sheet shows off the Dark Elf leader front and center, commanding his legions.

It’s a cool shot, and I’m intrigued that his face does not appear to be half-scarred and black, as he typically looks in the comic.  This poster also makes me hope that Hasbro delivers a Malekith figure to command the just-released Dark Elf soldiers… while there’s no news on that yet, I’m thinking it would be relatively easy to mash up a Dark Elf figure with the Christopher Eccleston head from the Rise of Cobra Destro.  Same actor, so it should be decent (look forward to a new Custom Korner on that project on the horizon).

Meanwhile, enjoy the poster, and get pumped for Thor The Dark World in just over a month!

thor 2 malekith poster

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